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Early Pre School

Dear Parents,

Our week was amazing. We try to socialize with the kids and teachers around the school and we are making new friends. Our week mostly focused on being respectful to one another and respecting our friends. Sharing was the famous word around group. We also celebrated Noah’s 3rd and Julieta 5th birthday with all of our friends. We also meet with Yonas our new gymnastics teacher who will be joining us on our movement sessions.

Large Group

Our large groups were fun from start to end. We enjoyed our time together helping one another. One of the highlights of the week was our cooperative game day on Friday. We played duck-duck-goose. We explained the rules of the game and how we to play it safe. The kids enjoyed the game by racing one another and cheering for the runners.​

Small groups

Math – we continued our counting activity and practiced counting up to 10. We used tongs and different –animals and fruits.

Science – our science activity was the fun of our entire small groups this week. We explored with messy cream to help us understand the texture, temperature, and characteristics of a cream. This week we used shaving cream and we talked about how cold it was and how sticky it was. We also put our favorite colors to see the color change.

Literacy – This week we explored with 3d letters to develop out alphabetical awareness. Since the lightbox was one of our favorite spot in the school we went there to see the shapes of the letters inside out.

Work times

Apart from our special classes (Art and Music), we go to work time stations to develop out social skills with different groups and to also gain simple and complex skills according to our currently functioning curriculum. This week's exploration centers includes Ethiopia center, Buildings, and Community.

Exploration Schedules for next week

Monday- Math (Shape hunt)

Tuesday- Science (messy color mixing with water)

Wednesday- Library (reading and checking out books)

Thursday- Shapes and Play-dough

Friday- Literacy (sand and letters.)


Tuesday - Music, Movement,and Gymnastics with Yonas

Thursday - Art


• The school will be half day on Wednesday the 26th and will be fully closed on Thursday the 27th of September for Finding of the true cross

• On Thursdays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

• Due to unknown weather conditions, Please pack both hot and cold weather clothes and gears

• Don’t forget to bring library folders on Wednesdays.

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