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Pre-K News and Notes


We hope you had an awesome Easter weekend. Our art auction is coming up!

Lager group discussion

Our main topics during the large groups were about our Easter weekend. Andre said, “ I had an Easter egg Hunt on Saturday at my house.” And we all shared our long Easter weekend.


We took turns on watering our garden.


Magic milk was our science activity for the week. We all had a plate filled with milk, and each of us chose the different colors to drop on our plates. After a few gentle stirring using toothpicks we each came up with wonderful color mixtures and rainbows. All our friends shared the amazing patterns. After giving predictions of what would happen if we put soap on it, we dripped it on each plate, and we witnessed the reaction of each color mixture expanding an all directions, and we were all in awe. We wanted to repeat the activity with different colors, so we washed the plates and used different colors for our plates filled with milk.


On our large group discussion, we all talked about our favorite animals. After we all described our animals, we went to our art room and got to paint all kinds of animals.

Have a great weekend!!

Halefom and Eyrus.

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