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Greeting Dear Little Einstein’s Families!!

We had a wonderful week! Everybody was excited to be back at school after the spring break.

What happened in this week?

Cooperative game: Balloon games are a great fun, whether you are playing with them at a birthday party, at home or during a class activity. Games are good for keeping kids entertained but they even make it onto list of learning through play ideas as kids can pick up many skills while playing. Playing with balloons builds gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, concentration and so much more. Besides we choose a game to play it by using balloons. We played the game by being in pair and hold the balloon back-to-back and tried to walk. While playing the game we come up with rules to be followed, such as, not touching the balloon by hand rather walk back-to-back, trying not to drop the balloon. We all loved the game, so we planned to play it some other day.

Science: This week we combined our science class with art. We worked on mixing colors. The equipment for this activity and the process is delightfully simple. All we provide the primary colors, and the kids experiment, explore, mix, and learn. This lesson helps them think scientific and observe, predict, and compare, thus experimented with cause and effect. We observe that they used problem solving skills and came up with ideas for what to do when the color they mixed did not turn out quite the way they had hoped. But it is still magical when they are making that change by itself! That was such a good way to create their own amazing color creations, and lots of opportunities for all kinds of learning.

Art: This week in our art class we experimented with blowing bubbles to make bubble art. We provide different paint mixed with soap and straw. Our kids love blowing bubbles to create bubble paint art masterpieces filled with unexpected colorful designs. When kids are creating bubble art, they are learning all sorts of things through play. Bubble painting helps them for their fine motor skills of not only children’s hands but coordination between hands and mouth to create bubbles. After blowing and finishing the project we have seen a great and fine bubble paint!

Preschool and Early Preschool Explorations schedule

For Preschool

  • Monday - Cooperative Game

  • Tuesday -Literacy

  • Wednesday – Science

  • Thursday – Math

  • Friday – Library


  • Tuesday – Music

  • Wednesday – Art

For Early Preschool

  • Monday –Cooperative Games

  • Tuesday-Literacy

  • Wednesday – Science

  • Thursday –Library

  • Friday – Math


  • Monday - Music

  • Friday – Art


  • The weather is changing so don’t forget to put a raincoat and boots and in addition a hat and sunscreen in your child’s bag

  • On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

  • Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library days.

Have a blast weekend!

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