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Dear parents

Playing and education have been going together with lots of fun activities along with giving the right care for our children through each day and moment at school! This made our week marvelous and fruitful! Playing, having snacks together and reading were some of the activities that took place outside of class. The kids love outside time! Nothing is better than playing outdoor! The children were busy riding their bikes, using the chalk markers on the outside boards, and scooping sand with sand toys!

Exploration of the week!

Large group- We love Highscope, and large group is one of our favourite times to use it! Large group’s focus is to get the children working together as a group while allowing them to make their own choices! The pre-K and kindergarten sing songs and danced together with excitement, share stories with each other, some are funny some are silly and some raises questions that needed answers.

Here is an interesting back and forth conversation that took place between three friends

A friends said “I am angry because mom and dad kept talking when I asked them to listen to me” then a friend replied “You know what my friend you don’t need to be angry you could say Hey, hey listen to me”

Then another friend joined the conversation and said, “No, we don’t need to say hey hey to our parents instead we wait until they finish talking and take our turn’

Small group- We had Literacy (zoo phonics), Mathematics, Music and movement, Journal, and Science.

Did you know that we talk about Letters every single day? On our message board, we choose one zoo phonics friend to explore with and we do at least one activity involving our zoo phonics every week! For example, we worked on words that starts with the letters Aa,Bb,Cc,Dd,Ee,Ff,Gg and Hh. By saying Alligator, Apple, Bed, Bib, cat, cup, drink, doll, elephant, egg and so on.

Mathematics-This week we worked on numbers! Our small group activity was quite interesting! We had number hunting activity; we were searching & hunting numbers all over the school compound and saying out loud the number when we found it! Every child was engaged with finding the numbers actively and had more fun in the search process.

Music and movement-There were rules to follow while we were doing our music and movement. The song was 'Move and freeze'. When the music says 'move' we were dancing and showing moves to our friends when the music says freeze, we all froze. Some of us were having funny ways of freezing and we were all laughing.

Journal-our journal is the time we express our emotions, plans, interests, anything in our mind! All kids made their stories on their journal book and shared it to the class. This week was a little different than other days because we had Negede joining us to share her journals with the whole class.

Here are stories shared by our kids

“This is my house, water splashed in our house and the table is broken and then we got another house to live.”

“I have a big house; this is my brother Yamuni and here is my dog.”

Science-'All about me' is still our main topic in our science time because science starts from ourselves. When someone knows himself/herself well, she/he can bring change to the world! We discussed names and functions of our external body. All of us tried to tell the name and its function!

Art- We explored making art with rubber bands and toothbrushes. We put the rubber band on a paper and sprayed inside using the toothbrush. Then we made marvel paper using shaving cream and paint.

Library time-what is your child's favorite book? We know how it is important to expose literacy to our children at a young age and we are reading every chance we get! We always read out loud and silently in our inside library and moving library outside!

Small group

Monday –Literacy

Tuesday – Maths

Wednesday – music and movement

Thursday – Journal and art

Friday – science and Library

Special days

Art: Thursday

Library: Friday


· Every Thursday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

· Every Friday is our Library day, so we will be sending a folder with a book your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

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