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Dear Parents,

Hip Hip hooray! The day we have been waiting for is finally here!!! We are so excited about tomorrow’s event our ART AUCTION! The children and the teachers contributed so much energy and efforts into the beautiful artworks.

We got together on Friday morning and the children were apart of the setup process. They were thrilled and proud when they saw their art works on the wall. They choose certain artworks and go around the rooms to choose a suitable spot to hang their artworks.

Friendly remainder!

Week in review

Literacy: In our literacy session we kept practicing writing the small case letter as fence, ground and sky. For this week, we practiced writing the ground letters on writing stripe paper. Our little friends enjoyed the writing session!

Math: Our math activity was a continuation of the topic measurements. We started measuring weight. At the beginning, we explored the materials used to measure Wight like seesaw. Then we started to measure some metal rolls weighed 10g and 5g by putting them on the seesaw. The children were so excited to see the heavier going down and the lighter going up!

The last session of football: we played and enjoyed football as usual! Even though the football training is over. Our little friends keep enjoying at recess time and got a lifelong lesson of football.

Music and movement: Even though we planned to do journal, our children asked us to have fun and danced by their favorite songs. We enjoyed dancing and listening to our relaxing music!

Science: Discussing about the three transportation technologies like land, air and water transportation was the activity. We did at the beginning and then we focused on the land transportation. The children were given a worksheet about identifying land transportation and they did it well.


.We seem to have rainy days quite often than expected. We kindly ask you to send your child with rainy day outfits so we can make the most out of our time at school.

.On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

. Don’t forget to return Library folders every Friday.

Pre K and Kindergarten Explorations schedule

.Monday - Literacy

· Tuesday Mathematics

· Wednesday –Obstacle course

· Thursday – Journal

· Friday -Science


· Monday-gymnastics

· Tuesday-dance training

· Wednesday- clay crafts

· Thursday– Art

· Friday -library


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