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Our last week for this semester was a fun-filled! We explored and played with friends. We would like to thank all of you parents and care givers and our amazing students for making this semester full of excitement! We are so proud of our students they did an excellent job!

What have we been up to this week?

Our large group

Our large group was busy entertaining discussion topics about our plans for the winter (Christmas break). We also read the famous book titled ‘The gingerbread man’ and all friends were retelling the story in their own way!

Our small group

Literacy Monday, The PreK friends were discussing about beginning letters of words.This helps them to recognize all the zoo phonics well and develop their vocabularies.The kindergarten children were doing a worksheet about CVC words. This is also as useful as developing vocabularies.

Mathematics Tuesday, our mathematics topic was about shapes. The Prek children were hunting for circle, triangle, rectangle, and square shaped things in the classroom where the kindergarten children were discussing about Pentagon and hexagonal shapes.

Music Wednesday, having music session in early education is fun for kids. But not only fun and has a good impact on the development of brain. It boosts the development of language skills, social emotional development, memory skill and motor skill.

We were singing and dancing together in our music and movement class. All friends choose their favorite songs like ‘the floor is lava’, ‘move and freeze’, ‘you are my sunshine’ and so on. All friends were engaged and happy!

Journal Thursday, our journal session was fun, we let our friends express any stories they have in their mind. All the friends were interested to share their story to the class!

“This is me Andre, I’m strong

and this is my superhero dad.”

“This is my school and I played

on the sand with my friends.”

“This is me walking to my school

and this is my favorite bike.”

Art specials, since, we were discussing about how to use water paint and clean it properly last week, we continued to paint using water paint. All friends were painting nicely!

Social studies, For continuation of the topic community helpers,we chose one favorite community helper and did a pretend play.

''Hello,I'm a doctor and I can help you how do yo feel?''

''I'm a firefighter,don't worry I can help you''

''I'm a barber,do you want me to cut your hair with style''

Exploration after the break

  • Monday-Literacy

  • Tuesday –Mathematics

  • Wednesday-Music and Movement and obstacle course

  • Thursday-Science experimentation and Art

  • Friday-Social studies and Library

Thank you!

Have an enjoyable break!

Christmas vibe!


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