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Celebration Day!

Greeting Parents,

What a week, thank you for all the parents who came to celebrate Meskel with us. You made it super fun!

Our exploration during Small Group

Letter formation: our focus for literacy is to help our groups to understand sounds of letters. This week the Pre-k explored in identifying the letter for the beginning and ending sound of a word. The kindergartens form some CVC and words with four letters with the help of their teacher. Both groups used the small Zoo-Phonics to stick on a paper.

Habitats: our exploration about season is continuing with different topic, Habitats of animals. We related the concept by exploring with different animals that lives in different season types, snow animals, Deseret animals, dry land, water animals and jungle animals. We have tried to see the different type of weather in those habitats.

Counting and subtraction worksheets: after exploring what subtraction (take away) is in our last week session, this week we raised some revision question to make sure they remember and explored with some worksheets. Some of us explored with counting and writing the amount.

Where are you from: this week in our social study session we continued to discover more countries that our friends are from. Last week we started by asking our group where they are from and this week, we printed out the flag, cultural dress, historical place and famous food each county have. They all tried to explain the flag and the food. It was very fun experience.

Assignment: we are planning to make a display in our school compound with the collection of the different place our groups are from, it would be a great help if you all can send us a picture of you (Both mother and father) the famous food with the name and the traditional cloth, if any, also with the name. If you could send us through Whatsapp, we can be able to print it out. You can send us until next week Wednesday. Thank you.

Meskel Gift: in our culture, children paint or draw different pictures about Meskel and give it to their neighbor or strangers they see in the road as to wish them a happy celebration. We tried to bring that culture here in LE. We divided into three groups and made some drawing, we went out and share it to our admin team, the Early preschoolers and Infant and Toddlers.

Our week in pictures.


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