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Creative one's!

Greeting Parents,

Hope you all had a creative week, we sure did! Our groups have started working on developing different ideas for work time, this week we have decided to create Hospital center for Little Einsteins!

Our Large group this week

· Zoo-Phonics: we have finished exploring with our Zoo-Phonics letters this week.

· Calendar: we have been exploring with the Month of the year, the days of the week, words starts with different letters, counting and the weather.

· Caterpillar: our caterpillar is helping our group more on counting, writing and identifying numbers. We have reached on 25 this week.

· Comprehension Books: we have been exploring with different comprehension books that is helping our groups with ‘WH’ questions.

Our small group this week

o CVC Reading, Ending sounds, beginning sounds and Tracing: this week in our literacy session, we explored with different worksheets.

The Pre-k explored with missing Beginning and Ending sounds of different flashcards. And some of them worked on tracing of letters while talking about the sounds.

The Kindergartens explored with blending sound to read, matching CVC words with their pictures and Ending sound.

o Classification of cloth based on their weather: after having discussion on different type of seasons and weather, this week we classified clothes we wear based on, Sunny, Rainy and Snowy.

o Take away: the last two weeks we have explored with Addition by introducing the concept and worked on worksheet after that. This week, we introduced them to another mathematics operation, which was subtraction. As always, we introduce Subtraction with story of Messy who had 10 Strawberries and gave (Take away) 4 of them to her brother and left with 6. Everyone explored with different counting animals and fruits, they count first and TAKE AWAY some from their collection.

o Where are you from: Little Einsteins is known to have children from different part of the world. We relate our different culture to one of our topic in Social Studies and talk about where we all are from, this week we started with Ethiopia. We talked about the flag, the map, different foods and historical sites. Everyone also talked about where they are from.

  • Reminder: next week in our social studies session, we will be exploring about the different countries our groups are from, it would be helpful for the children to gather some information on where they are from and their parents, therefore please help them to get to know the country they are from, the flag, some historical place and foods. Thank you in advance.

o The Charity workers: as you know, last week for Ethiopian New Year, we introduced them to our culture of singing ‘Abebayeh woy’ and collect money. Here in Little Einsteins we celebrate Meskel celebration every year except last year because of Covid, but this year we are planning to celebrate it and our groups are very excited about it. We made it our business to prepare early and come up with an exciting way collecting more money for our Bonfire. This week we cleaned snack tables, cubbies, wash the bikes and different materials from classrooms, we were able to collect 40 Birr. We got very excited and end up our work with water splash.

Here are the pictures of this week.


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