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Early Preschool and Preschool

Dear parents,

Welcome to another fun week here at Little Einsteins. This week our friends from the Pre-k and Kindergarten class helped as with washing some of our toys from our classroom.

We would like to welcome Abigail Y. to our Early Preschool and Preschool family.

What have we been up to this week?

For small group this week had Co-operative Games, Math, Literacy, Science and Library.

For Science we continued our exploration with our senses, as you know we explored with our senses of tasting and feeling. This week we explored with our sense of hearing as we listened to sounds of animals, trains, and cars. The children had wonderful time and listening and naming the animals and things that they heard.

For our Math activity we had fun time exploring with colors and making different patterns. During this activity we used uni-fix cubes. We started our activity by talking about the different colors of the uni-fix cubes, and then the children chose two colors that they wanted to make patters with. The children were excited to make patterns using to colors they chose.

During our Library small group exploration, we talked about how to take good care of our books while reading.

What are our activities for next week?

Monday – cooperative games

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Library

Our specials

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Art


· As it might be raining please send the children with raincoats and boats

· On our art day try to send the children with art friendly clothing

Have a wonderful weekend!

From the Early Pre-school team


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