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Early Preschool and Preschool

Dear parents,

We had a wonderful week! The children were really excited to have their friends from the Infants and Toddlers group join them for large group.

What did we do this week?

This week for small group we had Cooperative Games, Literacy, Math, Science and Library.

This week during our math activity we continued talking about sizes. The children had a fun time sorting big and small counting bears into groups. After the children had finished sorting the bears into two groups, they chose one color each, some chose blue and some yellow bears. Following that we encouraged the children to make patterns of big and small bears.

We worked on a fun prediction activity for science. For this activity we prepared shaving cream, primary colors paint, paper plate and brushes.

We started our activity by handing each child a paper plate following that we squeezed the shaving cream on the paper plate. After that the children chose two out of the three primary colors they want to mix. After choosing the colors they then put little drops of paint on the shaving cream.

Before the children started to mix the two colors, we asked them what kind of color would the outcome be when they mixed their colors, most of the children gave us their predictions and started to mix the colors using paint brushes. The children were happy to see the color change as they mixed the colors.

During our library time we started our activity by talking about our rules in the library, which are we don’t draw on books, we don’t cut pages from our books, we share books with our friends and that we don’t scream or shout in the library. Following that the children sat on their pillows and mats and read books of their choice.

What is our plan for next week?

Monday – Cooperative Game

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday - Library

Friday - Math

Our specials

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Art


· Please send the children with hats and sunscreen, summer is coming hot.

· On our Art days we advise you to send the children with Art friendly clothing as our class gets a lot messy.

Have a wonderful weekend!

From the Early Pre-school team


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