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Early Preschool And Preschool This Week

Dear Parents

We had great week in early preschool and preschool we hope yours was great as well!

Large Group

In our large group this week, we sing our good morning song and their favorite song " The more we get together “. On our message board this week, we had zoo phonic letters a – e for the week and discussed what kind of sounds and actions they have, we had attendance, day of the week and we read a book.

Our Small Group

Cooperative Game

In our Cooperative Game for this week, we played to pass the ball backward.


In our math session we made color sorting activity. first talked about color types and what colors they like, and then we mixed and put different colored items together. We asked the students to sort the colors and put them together. We had a great time the kids were very active when we did the activity.


In our Library we had an interesting story.  The story title was "The Polite Cat" and the story talks about how the polite cat teaches the other animals to be polite like her and how to ask for what they want. It was also a very educational story that all the children listened to very well.


In our Art session this week, we  talked about the health benefits of different types of fruit, then they told us about their favorite type of fruit, after that we drew a picture of the fruit of their choice, then they colored it and added glitter to make their work more shine.


This week for Literacy we did zoo phonics. We recall the zoo phonic letters from a to h and then matched the small flashcards with the bigger one.

Our plan for next week is as follows

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Literacy

Friday - Gymnastics

                           Our  Specials

Tuesday - Library

Friday  -  Science



° Every Tuesday is our library day, please make Shure to return the library folder.

° Please send your child with a sunscreen and hat as it gets sunny after snack time.

°Every Wednesday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

Happy Ethiopian Epiphany!

Have a nice Weekend!


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