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Early Preschoolers

Dear parents,

We had such a wonderful second week in early preschool class. Our first two weeks in was amazing. The children enjoyed going to their new classroom and seeing their friends!

What we did past two weeks

Our Message board included

Zoo-Phonics: we had such a great time exploring with 3 Zoo phonics letters ‘a’ ‘b’ ‘c’ while having a conversation about the names and the sounds they make.

Number of the week: 1,2,3,4 were the number of the week we stick different 3d numbers on the board and counted them all out loud.

Calendar: we have been exploring the days of the week, words started with different letters, counting, and singing the week songs.

Attendance list: We use the children’s pictures to do attendance, holding a picture in hand, we ask them “Who is this happy or smiley Boy/ Girl?” They all look around in the circle and point to that child and if he/she is with us in our classroom they will say she/ he is here/ not here by calling their friend’s name!

Large group

This week in large group we greeted everyone with the good Morning song and practiced our good morning song patterns; and we let the children choose their favorite songs; Ali baba, Five green speckled frog, if you happy and you know it, and hands go up and down, were our favorite. We finished our large group by reading books; the books were

Our world



Our small group theses weeks

For Math, we explored with color and shape matching, we prepared four different shapes with cardboards like; Square, Circle and Triangle.

We used different colors to identify the shapes, the colors were Yellow, blue and green. The children were very excited to touch and look at the materials like, cardboard, wooden plastic shapes, around and they matched it with the same color and shape.

They also pointed and called the name of the shape and colors by using words like; yellow circle, Blue Square and Green triangle!

For science; we explored with items that sinks and floats in a water, the materials we used were; Stone, toy car, animals, Blocks, cotton, paint brush, Duplo/Lego, straw and paper plate. We asked the children why they think an object sinks or floats. They guess it's because the items are big and small and because of animals.

We tried to help them understand, if something stays on the top of the water then it floats and if it goes to the bottom of the water then it sinks.

The children were very interested. They were trying to drop the items into the water and see what happened. They also hold up one item at the time and put thumbs up if they think it floats and thumbs down if they think the item sinks. We explain to the children that by guessing if an object will sink or flat, they are making a prediction!

Language and literacy; we wrote letters from ‘A – O’ on the bottom of a use and throw cup and wrote the same letters on a big A3 paper and after we introduced the activity we will be doing, we let the children match the cups with the letters written in that big paper.

It was so satisfying to see how they were focused and concentrated with matching the letters; the children were being a big help to each other in identifying and match.

Next week plan

Monday - Cooperative game

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Language

Friday – Art

Our specials

Thursday – Library

Friday - Art


Every Friday we have art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

We would recommend you send a hat and sunscreen for your child, as it gets sunny after snack.

Every Thursday is our library day, so we will be sending the children with books from our library, which will be changed every week on Thursday.

Have a nice weekend!

The Early Preschool Team!


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