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Fun at Preschool

Friday 19th February 2021

Dear parents,

What an exciting week we had! The children had so much fun throughout the week. Some of the things we did were, having a water fight with our friends from Kindergarten and Pre-k class, and another thing we did was collecting some dried plants from our garden and made a small fire so that we can see how a fire extinguisher works.

This week’s large group

In our large group, we have been sorting shapes according to their categories. Prior to the activity, shapes were displayed on the classroom’s floor with tapes and thus, we all got turns to sort the shapes accordingly. Each time a child picks a shape, he/she tells the name and sorts it after exploring its features.

This week’s small group


Cooperative game: Since obstacle course develops child’s strength and enhances their sense of balance and gets them a full-body workout, this week we had fun playing obstacle course. We have used different materials like chairs to hung the hula hoops in the air, big spoons to carry the water-filled balloons and a tube-like tent to let the kids crawl through. First, we crawl through the tube-like tent, then under the hula hoops to get the balloons filled with water and transport them to the bucket carrying with the bigger spoons. We were so excited and couldn’t get enough of playing it.


Literacy: We have revised the previous letters using flashcards and 3D letters. Each one of us identified their names within their sounds. At first, we put the flashcards of the letters in a circle, then we all had a turn to pick a flashcard of our choice and describes its character including the action it performs while sounding the letter. Later, one child picked a random letter from the 3D letterbox, then displayed it on the whiteboard and the others call out its name and blended the sound it makes showing the action it performs. Once we all got turns displaying the 3D letter of our choices and were about to go to our second activity, Eliab suddenly stood from his seat and came towards the board saying, “ Adiam Adiam! wait one minute. Let me show you.” Then stunned us with his performance. He put all the letters together and read “ Look! C…b….a” trying to show that letters should be put together so that it be a word.

In our second activity, we have introduced Francy Fish with a flashcard and all together sounded the letter showing the action of a swimming fish using our hands. Every morning we do our large group chart and display the letter f, they consistently sound the letter performing the act with their hands.


Library: We all read books of our choices and were sharing our observations.


Science: If you remember in our previous session, we have explored through a book that shows the natural aspects of our environment and so, collected some rocks and sticks to build our environment corner. And this week we began creating some volcanic mountains. While we were pilling the stones to build a mountain, Eliab said, “volcano is here.” pointing at the top of the mountain. Aylin followed, “lava is pukh pukh!” putting her finger into the hole at the top of the mountain. When we go to the art room and discussed what material to use as lava, Aylin picked a red yarn saying, “this Adiam” and run to where the mountain is and push the yarn down the hole.


Math: Even this week, we kept exploring numbers and practiced counting as we did a one-to-one number correspondence activity.

In our first activity, we constructed some numbers with popsicles and used balls to trace them. In our second activity, we picked a random number from the 3D number box and displayed it on the whiteboard, then match it either with an equal amount of objects or fingers while we count. Limsa shouted, "six!" representing number six with her fingers.

Special day

Art: As planned, this week we continued working on our family trees. We have used different materials like macaroni pasta, yarns, beads, buttons, pieces of clothes, and shredded papers to represent our family members.

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Science

Friday: Math

Special day: Art

Have a nice weekend

Thank you,



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