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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

The past two weeks have been amazing! As the weeks and the months pass by, our group keeps growing. In the past two weeks, we have welcomed two more friends to our group, and their names are Archer and Lukas.

For small group, we had some experiments and exploring with colors activities. The activities we had the past two weeks are Art, Music and Movement, Goop, and Cooperative games.

The children were excited as we did our first messy experiment of the year called Goop. For this activity, the ingredients we used were corn starch, water, and food color.

The first thing we did was put a portion of the corn starch in front of every child so that they can feel it. They liked how soft it was and enjoyed the fact that their hands were turning white. Following that, we added water to the corn starch so that they can mix it. And when they mixed them, it became a little harder. Then rather than feeling it, they started to pick it up from the table, and when they picked it up, it became slimy in their hands. When it fell back on the table, it became a little harder again. Following that, we added water so that they can mix the colors. We had a fantastic time!

Another fun activity we did was on our Music and Movement. Last two weeks, we had a movement activity where the children pretended to be animals.

We walked around our room swing our room like trunks, stretching our high up pretending to be giraffes, jumping around like frogs, and many more animals.

For Cooperative Games, we had a fun activity using plastic plates and small soft balls. The children enjoyed walking while trying to balance the ball on the plate. And when the ball fell on the ground, they would laugh while trying to pick it up and put it back on their plates. We used this activity to develop their gross motor skills and eye to leg coordination.

Activities for the next two weeks

Monday- Yoga

Tuesday- Cooperative game(follow the trail)

Wednesday- Volcano

Thursday- Pasta Fun

Friday- Art


• Every Friday we have art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

• We would recommend sending a hat for your children as it gets sunny after snack.

• Every Monday is our library day, so we will be sending the children with books from our library, which will be changed every week on Monday.

Infants and Toddlers team


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