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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

We had another amazing couple of weeks! Since the last time we sent out our blog, we have welcomed three more friends to our infants and toddlers group. Uso and Amuary joined the Infants group and Anotida joined the Toddlers group.

Since our toddlers group is getting more friends we have moved to a bigger class. The children were really excited to see their new room, as they have more space to move around.

Our small group included,

Music, Art, Volcano, Cooperative games and Making Play dough.

One of the activities they enjoyed the most was making play dough. We started the activity by showing the materials we had prepared for the activity and telling them what we are going to make.

Following that we sat around a table and gave them a portion of flour so that they can feel it. While they were doing that we poured some water for them so that they can feel the texture. After that we added a little bit of oil and it became more solid. This excited the children so much!

Another fun activity we had was Volcano. For this activity we prepared some vinegar, food coloring, baking soda.

We started the activity by mixing the food color and vinegar in a cup. After that the children got one cup each that was half filled with baking soda. Following that the children started putting the mixture of food color and vinegar into the baking soda using syringes, it made a lot of bubbles and it went up slowly. After that we dumped all our baking soda in a big clear box to see what would happen when we added the mixture on a bigger scale. The children got amazed, as it became more bubbly and rose to the top.

For our cooperative games we played a game called follow the Trail For this activity we taped tape on some parts of our room and we also prepared some cars.

The children enjoyed driving their cars on the tape and were really concentrating on staying on the tape.

Activities for the Next Weeks

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Exploring with Shapes

Wednesday- Exploring with Animal Sounds

Thursday- Letter Hunting

Friday- Art

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Infants and Toddlers Team

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