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Infants and Toddlers

Hello dear parents,

The past two weeks were amazing. We are to say we have welcomed a new friend into our infants and toddlers group. Our friend's name is Mila.

The activities we had for small group were Music, Art, and things in our Garden, exploring with sound wall Materials, and sorting Shapes.

For the past two weeks for Music, we have been exploring with different musical instruments. The instruments we used were drums, xylophones, pianos, guitar, and different shakers. After we were done exploring with the musical instruments we played a little game called guess the instrument. For this game, we blindfolded the children with scarves, and then we chose two instruments. Following that, we played one of the instruments and the children guessed which instrument they heard by pointing at it.

They had so much fun while doing our Sorting Shapes activity. The materials we used for this activity are small shapes (circle, triangle, and square) and three big cardboards with the shapes cut out so that they can match the shapes.

Before we started our activity we had a quick recap to see if the children remember the shapes. Following that, we gave the children some shapes so that they can explore with them. The children were excited, some were rolling the circles on the floor like a wheel, some putting the triangles on their head like a hat and some were putting the squares over their eyes just like sunglasses. After doing that for a couple of minutes we put out the big cardboard with the shapes cut out so that they sort similar shapes into them.

We continued our shape exploration during our art day as well. We had a fun time painting using different 3D shapes.

Another fun activity that the children had was things we find in our garden. For this activity, we went into our garden with plastic bags to collect fallen leaves from the ground and some grass. After we collected some leaves we went into our art room to make leave collages.

Activities for the next week

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Water Fun

Wednesday- Obstacle Course

Thursday- Shape Hunting

Friday- Art

Have a nice weekend!

Infants and Toddlers Team


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