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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

The past two weeks have quite eventful. We are very sad to say farewell to two of our friends Khushrooz and his brother Aaizaaz. As we say farewell to our friends we have welcomed three more friends to our infants and toddlers family and their names are Eilna, Yazeed, and Yusuf.

We would also like to say thank you to all our parents for joining us on our second family day. Hope everybody had fun!

For small group this week had Art, Music, Exploring with Size, Gardening, and Cooperative games.

The first week of Gardening we had a fun time planting beans. For this activity, we prepared beans, cotton, cups, and water.

We started our activity by reading a book called ‘The very small seed‘. This book was about how a small seed grew into a big sunflower. Following that, we gave the children one cup each, and then the children added some beans into the cup following that they covered the beans with pieces of cotton. After covering the beans with cotton we added half a cup of water to each child’s cup.

The following week we had a fun time watering the plants in our garden.

Another activity we had which the children enjoyed was exploring with sizes. For this activity, we prepared blocks of different sizes.

During this activity, we talked about the two main size classifications, which are big and small. We started the activity by exploring with the blocks in the box; we built different things using the block. After cleaning the blocks we had the children pick two different sized shapes from the box and we asked them one by one to point to the big block then the small block.

Activities for the next two weeks

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Gardening

Wednesday- Size with Bears

Thursday- Cooperative Games

Friday- Art

Infats and Toddlers team

Have a nice weekend!


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