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Our First Blog Of The Year!

Dear Parents,

We are so excited to start another school year. It has been two weeks since we began our exciting year. Everyone was super excited to be back to school! The past two weeks have passed on smoothly and the children had an amazing time in the morning and afternoon routines. We were doing fun activities that helped them to socialize with their friends and teachers. The activities they have been doing for this week and last week were simple and fun. Starting from next week, we will begin our regular program.

About me

Hello Dear parents, this is Kalkidan Deribachew, I will be staying with your lovely kids this year! If you have any concern about your child, you can find me through our class number. Thank you!

Our large group

Last week in Pre-K, We started our day by going to our classroom and having a couple of minutes of free choice time. They were exploring by different materials and after we settle in we made a circle by sitting on the pillows. we had an interesting conversation about our summer break. Some of us even went to our hometown for summer vacation. The children were very interesting about having this conversation with us. This week, during our large group, we started by saying ‘Good morning’ to each other with ‘Hello’ and ‘Good morning’ song and also. Then we sing one or two songs that the children choose. After we relaxed singing songs, we move to our message board and talk about what the day is and what kind of weather we have on that day. after we did our message board, we read a story called 'Curious George's first day of school'. We also discuss about some of our classroom rules and most importantly how to ask questions politely.

Our small group

Our small group activities this week were Cooperative Games, Literacy, Math, Library and Science

For cooperative games, we played with musical dot. When the ‘Freeze’ song starts, the children move and dances around and when it starts counting from 4 up to 1 to say ‘Freeze’, they get themselves ready to stand on the dot and when it says “Freeze” they stand on the dot. The children enjoyed finding the dots.

For Literacy, as an introduction to zoo phonics, we sang ‘Zoo Phonics’ Song. Following that, we started to revise, since they were familiar with it, the zoo phonics with their sound by showing them the flashcards from a to z . Most of the children had remembered the zoo phonics with their story and sound.

During our math activity, we draw different pictures on the board like 5 hearts, 6 stars, 7 circles, 8 triangles , 9 flowers and 10 rectangles. We counted each pictures together by pointing on them and after that we have showed them how we count with tally marks by drawing them next to the pictures. The children were so interested about that and they were given chance to count the pictures and draw the tallies. They enjoyed it a lot.

Our activities for next week will be

Monday - Music (the children will choose)

Tuesday – Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Wednesday – Math (Counting)

Thursday- Library

Friday – Science (Weather)

Our specials

Wednesday – Art

Thursday - Library

Friday – Gymnastic


  • On our Art Day send the children with friendly clothing as our activities gets messy!

  • Every Thursdays it's our Library day, so please don't forget to return your child's library folder.

  • For the rainy/ cold weather send rainy coat or jacket to keep your child warm!

Have a great weekend!


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