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Dear Parents,

Our week was wonderful and fun as usual. We did different activities and spent an enjoyable time with our kids.

Large group

Our large group was wonderful; we sang different songs and danced to the music. We did our greetings with our kids, did our circle time, and fed the Caterpillar. Our children are doing a good job in learning to sound out ending sounds of pictures they see on the board. They also enjoy counting, naming shapes and telling the weather of the day. They all enjoy participating and sharing a task on different activities.

Small group

Music and Movement

We had a good time during our session. We danced and played with the musical dots. The game is where our kids walk around the dots when the music is on. The moment the music stops, all the kids must stand on the nearest dot. The ones left standing will be out of the game. As the dots decrease, only one child will be left and he/she will be the winner. It was very fun and our kids loved it.


For our math activity we were trying to build on their fine motor skills, their knowledge about number sequence and finding out the exact number of objects in a set. The activity was about counting dots on dices and matching the exact amount with the correct number. We also had a dot-to-dot math exercise so that our kids can learn to recognize numbers and count in the correct order.


We had a pleasant time during our library session. We talked about the rules, and everyone raised their hands to participate and tell us how they can take care of their books when they go the library. Then we spent the time in the library by reading with our children from the books they picked from the shelf. They explored some books and asked their teachers what they see and what some of the words mean. It was a relaxing but also an educational moment for our kids as they add more to their vocabulary.


Our science activity was about fruits and vegetables. We sang songs and had a discussion about the differences between fruits and vegetables. Our kids participated to share their thoughts and ideas. Afterwards we had a worksheet that had a box for fruit and another for vegetables. There were different items and the kids cut out each fruit/vegetable and pasted it on the correct box. They were all interested and engaged in the activity. Abigail said, “I can cut by my self, I am strong like Timothy tiger!” The session helped to build on their knowledge about fruits/vegetables and enhance their fine motor skills.


We started off our activity by brainstorming different ideas of what our kids would be interested in drawing on a big canvas. We went around and asked our children what they wanted to do. Then, they started by making these ideas on paper. First, they sketched lightly with pencil. Then, they went over it with paints in the color of their choice. We had various shades available for them to mix and explore with. In the end, everyone made a unique creation and had a lot of fun along the way!


Our activities for next week will be:


Monday – Cooperative game

Tuesday – Literacy (Zoo-phonics)

Wednesday -Math

Thursday- Library

Friday – Science


Our Specials


Tuesday – Ethiopian center

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday – Library





  • As it gets sunny, please send the children with a hat and sunscreen.

  • Every Thursday is our Library Day; please make sure to return the library folder.

  • Every Friday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.


Have a wonderful weekend!



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