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Pre-K and KG Weekly News and Note.

Greeting Parents,

What a week we had! We have started some exciting tasks to decorate our school at recess time. We started off by painting the school poles using different colors and we are now planning to bring more ideas on how to make our school “Colorful”. They also have been painting tires and fill it with soil to plant different types of flowers. They have been busy-bees indeed! We are not only using the recess time to decorate but also coming up with more games to play to make the children be engaged in more social activities.

Large group this week

They are still going strong on CVC reading, making letter sounds and counting the caterpillar. ‘The Cat in the Hat’ was this week’s favorite book as we talk about how funny the cat and the fish was. We also talked about how it is important to clean up after we play. Based on that book, we tried to do some rhyming word activities on the board, which we can say was really good experience.

Small group this week

Journal Monday: after Elsa present her very funny story about her coming to school from home on the board, everyone had the chance to draw their stories on their own journal. Here are some stories,

Victor: “Me and my dad are making cheese cake and I clean up my room. I have a big house and I also have light inside my home. I jumped in the car to come to school and I jump off the car and see Elsa, I go jump in the library and take my book, and I went home and I said to mom and dad this is my new folder!”

Finnegan: “This is me and this is my mom, it is my moms birthday and I want to make her a big present. And this one is me and I am saying Archer is ready to mom and dad.”

Zeno: He drew three figures. One of them is a bit bigger than the two. We asked him what it was and he said “Momma, Papa and Me!” he pointed at the big one and said “This Zeno!”

Emily: “Here I am and the rain was dropping in my roof and there is also a muddy puddy. Do you know that my house is enormous like Dinosaur!”

Ezana: “I draw Ezana and Aaizaaz!”

Aazizaaz: “I draw a car, a house and a sun. I am over there looking at my family and I walk all the way here in the sunset.”

Squeeze Tuesday: after we talked about how we can transport water from one bowl to another, we created a fun game called “Squeeze the water out”. In every game there are always different skills the children can acquire, for this particular game was for them to develop their fine motor skill as they squeeze the sponge and gross motor skill as they run back and forth to squeeze the water from one bowl to another one. It was so much fun that we, the teachers cannot resist to stand and just look!

Tree Wednesday: for every activity that takes us more than two weeks, we always want to make sure we gather more information. As you all know that we are in the process of making family tree. We have finished talking about who our families are; we now are on the stage of making the tree in our classroom. This week we went outside to see the components of tree and how we can make one by our selves. Starting from next week we will start cutting the roots, stem and branches of the family tree.

Take away Thursday: this week for Math exploration, we introduced what subtraction, the sign we use and what it means by subtraction. We introduced them by making stories; all the kindergartens had their turn to make a story by themselves. The Pre-k explored about two-digit numbers and counting. We used flashcard numbers to help them with the two-digit numbers.

Story tellers: they finally get the chance to make their book, they can’t wait to write on it! The books will be available soon, so you all can get hands on a beautiful imagination stories.

Special request again!

Some of our friends from kindergarten brought books from home and shared with their friends in class. Everyone was very excited about the book as one friend read the book for the whole class. Based on this experience, we plan to take one day per a week, to let the whole group to bring books from home and share it during large group time. Therefore dear parents, we would like to ask if you could help us with our plan by sending one book with your child every Wednesday to share with their friends, it will be send back at that day. If you all agree please send your answer via Whatsapp. Thank you.

Have a Great Weekend.

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