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Pre-k and Kg Weekly Updates!

Greeting parents,

It is amazing how time flies, we are almost in April! We look back at where we were at the beginning of school year and look how far we go! The children are and always will be our strength, our reasons to push further, and our happiness. We also are thankful for every parent to be part of the journey and thankful for believing us. We hope our relationship goes until our Little Einsteins reach big school! On another note, we are very happy to welcome our new friend Yanet to our group.

Exciting Announcement!

The day you all are waiting for is finally close! You all guessed it right, our family day is around the corner and we hope you have put the day in bold, which will be on March, 27th Saturday.

Appreciation time!

We would like to take this opportunity to give our deep appreciation to Zeno’s parents, Alexandra, and Alban for their contribution to Art supplies once again to the school. The children gave their standing ovation and a round of applause!

Large group this week

This week's large group has been filled with a lot of fun. The KGs keep impressing us with their reading and spelling skills, the Pre-k has taken their sound of letters to the next level, both groups writing skill is also the other thing they are taking seriously.

Small group this week

Who says that everything teachers plan has to go according to the schedule? Well not Pre-k and Kindergarteners! The reason we are saying this is because this week the children made some changes to our schedules.

Journal Monday: this week’s journal included Nature, superhero, space and family! Here are some stories,

Aaizaaz: “I draw a sky and a mountain, and these are my family (showing four people!”

Victor: “This is spider man, this is the building that I run up and down, Nati and Yamlak just run and run and run!”

Finnegan: “That’s me and I was on the moon, then I went down and put my shoe and then get into my spaceship and then I come down!”

Nati: “This is a car and this is a flower in a pot, this is a baby and rainbow!”

Animals pose: In every children's game, there is always a thing or two we pick to change it to an activity. During recess, some of our friends pretended to walk and run like chimpanzees and lions. We related that interest into our cooperative activity and come up with a game called “Animals Poses.” We divided the children into two to walk like different animals, the animals are Bunnies, Elephant, Starfish, Lion, Crab, Snake, and Frog.

Letter formation: (changed schedule based on them!): while we were exploring with books during large group, Nati saw a box of 3D letters and asked if they can explore with it, while they were exploring Yamlak lined up nine letters together asked his friends to read it! And that has the KGs attentions and we proceed to form letters, we started with CVC words, it was very simple for them to form so we jump of making four-letter words and read each other makeup words. The pre-k also had the same exploration by sticking small Zoo-phonics to spell different CVC words.

What’s your favorite fruit? (Also changed schedule): the last two weeks we have talked about the importance of fruits during large group and that encouraged our group to bring fruits and vegetables for a snack. This week during circle time, the same topic was raised when one friend remembers his time in the supermarket when buying apples! Then everyone shared their good relationship with fruits and vegetables! We finished the whole small group time by having a very interesting conversation about the topic. Therefore dear parents, add a kilo of fruits and vegetables to your shopping list!

Anecdote of the week!

Victor: while exploring with animals in our afternoon science session, he grabbed the camel and said, “You know Camels live on a desert and you know my mom when she was a small girl, she lived on the desert and she rode a camel!”

Emily: during large group while sharing their thoughts, Emily raised her hand and said, “ I asked my mom to get me a real rabbit for my birthday but she said no!” and one of her friend asked her if she will be invited for her birthday and Emily replied, “If you bring me a real Rabbit I will invite you!” then everyone promised that they will bring her real rabbits if she invite them for her birthday!

Note for Emily’s parent: please think about a place to raise all the real rabbits her friends will bring!

Weekly pictures!


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