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Pre-k and Kindergarten

Greeting Parents,

As the day goes by, our group is getting bigger. This week we welcomed two new friends to Pre-k, Emily and Aaizaaz. We are happy to have them both on board. We had a great week full of laughter, lots of running around, and fun activities. We hope you had the same week as us.

Quick reminder

We have an exciting event coming your way, it's called family day! Yes, we are looking forward to seeing you all on December 12, 2020. The event is not only family day, but it also includes Art exhibition where you will have the chance to see and own beautiful Arts if you bring extra cash!

Large group this week

Our group has been busy-bees doing different corners during our large group. The corners include,

  • Feed me- the main focus of this corner is counting and number identification. They “feed” different animals with the amount of numbers on them. We also talk about the animals, where they live and what they eat.

  • I can spell/read/sound- this corner is all about letters. Since we have two groups in our class, the focus is different for both of them. The kindergarteners start writing CVC words during this time.

  • The calendar- our calendar has many activities on it, counting days of the week, months of the year, weather broadcasting, shapes, colours, letters, and counting.

  • Board time! - Our board includes different question that leads to a small group.

Small group this week

The little readers: our groups are challenging themselves to read. It started all when their friend Ezana inspired them; we would like to take this time to thank him! The kindergarteners had CVC flashcards, and they read all the words with `a´and `o´ in the middle without any difficulties; they read words with `e, I and u´ in the middle with a very small help from us. The Pre-k group explored with beginning sounds of a word on random pictures of flashcards.

The Gamers: don’t be surprised if you see your child trying to pick stuff with their feet, they learned it here at school! This week for our cooperative games, we had a very exciting game called “pick it with your feet”, we fill two tubs with water and put a bunch of small balls inside it; the simple rule is for them to pick the balls with their feet, no hands! We had to pull the tubs from their feet for them to stop; they were very excited.

The mad scientists: we have continued what we have started last week, which was about our five senses. This week we only choose two of them, sense of hearing and sense of touch. We put different materials inside a box and made two circular holes on the box's side for them to put their hands in and guess what the material is by touching. They guessed well; we talked about if the materials were soft, rough, the shape they have before they see what it was. For a sense of hearing, we talked about things that make sounds, the different sound tones, and a funny comment when we talked about things that make sounds; one of our friends raised his hand and said, “My brother!” We made sounds using a can and cup by tying a socked shoelace on each of them for the activity; they slowly pulled the lace and made a different sound. They all agreed both the cup and can make a fart sound!

The MATHimagician: this week, our group didn’t need Art to make a beautiful flower; they used Math class. Since they were very interested in the flowers at school, they made a flower of their own. The Pre-k used numbers from 1-10, and the kindergarteners used 20-30 to make a petal for the flower; they were the designers and the contractors.

The bookworms: our library day was different this week; we didn’t only want to read books but come up with a plan to make one. We talked about what a book is, what it has inside, things we need to make a book, and more. After we decided what we want to create a book, we decided to do it next week.

Next week plan

Monday: Literacy

Tuesday: Cooperative Game

Wednesday: Science

Thursday: Math

Friday: Library


· Please make sure to send your child with sunscreen and extra cloth.

· We have Art every Wednesday, so please make sure to send your child with old clothes, as we will have painting activities.

Pictures of the week,

Hi five for the team work!

"My flower can smile!"

"1,2, 3....balls out!"

"I feel something squishy!"

" Who says only girls put earrings on?!"

The future Architect!

" It is making a funny sound!"


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