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Hello Dear Parents,

We hope you have enjoyed your week as much as we have. Our class had an amazing time exploring with different materials and playing games with their friends.

What did we do this week?

We started our day by doing our attendance after we sat in a circle in our classroom. Following that, we said Good Morning to each other and sang two songs that the children choose, the most popular songs of the week were ‘I like to move it’ and If you are happy and you know it’. After we had finished singing, we talked about the days of the week, followed by the message board.

This week our message board consisted of counting, number recognition, patterns, and letters of the week. Our letters of the week were O, P, Q, and R.

This week during our small group time we had games, literacy, science, math, and library.

Games: this week for games we continued playing games with rules. The games we played for this week were Musical dots and Mr. Wolf. The one which all the children enjoyed the most was Musical Dots. The children enjoyed dancing to the music that their caregiver had opened for them and when the music stopped, they would quickly try to find dots to stand on, if they don’t find one, they sit next to their caregiver and cheer for their friends.

Math: during our math activity this week we had fun time exploring patterns. During our previous pattern activity, we have been working on simple patterns, but this week we started working on complicated patterns. Our pattern for this week was ABC patterns.

Science: As we have been talking about different habitats for animals for the past two weeks, this week on our science day we decided to make our snow. For our snow-making activity, we used corn starch, oil, and shaving cream. We started our activity by putting a small portion of corn starch on a tray so that we can feel the texture, following that we added shaving cream to the corn starch. After they had mixed the shaving cream with the corn starch, we added a little bit of oil so that it can give it a snow-like texture. once the children had finished mixing all the materials together, they had a fun time trying to make snowballs and snowman.

Plans for next week

Monday – Cooperative Games

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday - Library

Have a nice weekend!

Preschool team


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