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Preschool and shapes

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Dear parents,

Sorry for the delay, I had some personal emergency. Thank you for understanding. Here is our blog from last week.

It has been an amazing week, which our bunnies have been showing affection to one another and reflecting their knowledge upon reality. During snack time, Aylin suddenly started moving her finger on top of her snack box and shouted loudly, "Circle!" right after she cleaned up her staffs, she began waiting to her friend Limsa and helped her to clean up the her things. She said to her, "Limsa! Trash here!" pointing her finger to the place where the trashcan was. However Limsa was too busy packing her staffs, by the time Ayin noticed that, she grabbed Limsa's hand and lead her to the trashcan and told her again, "Limsa! trash here! ok"

This week’s large group

This week, our large group has been focusing more on activities that help us develop our pencil grip. We have been tracing sketches of some shapes and lines using markers. All my bunnies enjoyed it. They even understood the timing and moved to their table area without expecting a redirection, right after manipulating the features of different shapes and becoming familiar with their mathematical names.

This week’s small group


Cooperative game: considering that play is essential and helps children to record information into the mind and stimulates their memory, we decided to play treasure hunt. After telling them how they should play the game, the teacher told the kids to close their eyes and heed some circles and triangles. Children were moving around their classroom to look for hidden shapes, while listening to the clues. When the teacher gave a clue like: I can see something underneath your table” Children started moving towards the direction.


Literacy: after revising our previous phonics lesson which is the sound that the letter ‘b' makes, we proceed to the next letter ç’. Meeting their new guest was a very catchy moment and were attentive listening to the story of Cathrina cat. Puppet Cathrina cat started telling her story like this: “Hi little kitties! I’m Cathrina cat and I love drinking milk. One day while I was drinking milk, my whiskers dipped into the milk and I got milk all over my whiskers. Then I raised my hands up to my face and wiped the milk saying c…c..c" and asked them if they can do it like their phonic friend. And it was so funny watching them repeating the sound c…c…. again and again until they were told to stop. They even traced it on a sand.


Library: At our library time, they all chose the books they want to read and started reading passionately. Eliab was reading a story of Peter Pan, Aylin was having the book of Dinosaurs and Limsa had of shapes. Each of them spent quality time on each page of their books. They were all into their books interestingly, pointing at each illustrated picture.


Science: Our activity started with presenting our pretend family members with the foam displays. After the teacher took the initiation, each one of them presented their own family members introducing their names. Eliab put his mom and dad on the top and laid his siblings under his parents including himself. He put his brother saying, “Nathi, Eliab’s brother. Then his sister....Herani, Eliab’s sister and he put himself right before Nathi saying Eliab. ” After completing his family tree, he began counting the family members and shouted, "five!" showing five of his fingers. Aylin did the same and was calling the name of each of her family member saying, Ëvren, Yulia, Aylinnnnn!”

In our second activity we made an individual hand print of our familytree. It’s on going process and will be completed on our next session.


Math: based on our previous lesson, we decided to keep on exploring both 2D shapes: square and rectangle. First we manipulated their features and counted all the sides and corners, through different objects like: books, iPod, cellphone.... Then we crafted our own shapes using pipe cleaners and popsicles.

We had fun solving a shape puzzle block too.

Special day:

During our special day our group didn’t go to the Art room, however they had fun at the dramaticroom.

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Science

Friday: Math

Special day: Art

Quick Reminder

· Please send passport size photos for our familytrees.

Thank you,

See you on this Friday



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