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Preschoolers after Christmas break

Monday 11th January 2021

Dear parents,

I hope you had an amazing Christmas festive and experience another memorable holidays with your kids. Believing in our children’s daily development, we have been preparing our classroom in an inviting setup and give a harmonious start to our second semester.

This week’s large group

On Monday My bunnies put their input in changing our classroom’s setup. They have used different materials like: paper plate, coloured papers, cotton, Q-tips and glues to craft the weather elements for our weather chart-display that we ought to work on every morning. Then starting from Tuesday, we just had variety activities and games to worm up our sense organs knowledge. On Tuesday, we just sorted out things that we can only see but not edible like: the Rainbow, clouds, the Sun, the Moon, stars and stuck them on the sketch of an eye. And we also worked on foods that we can taste with our sense of taste. On Wednesday, children were blindfolded and moved to a direction, where the music plays or comes from. On Friday, they just sat in a circle and picked a picture of a sense organ that answers the question. Example: Which body part do you use when you read a book? The teacher supported the question with a sign language: opening her hands as if she holds a book. Then children picked the picture of a sense organ that they think is right.

This week’s small group


Music: thinking to shake them off the festive break, we decided to play musical dot. Children run around while the music plays and find a dot when it stops. The one, who misses to stand on a dot goes out of the game.


Literacy: this week we revised the sound that Baba bear makes. Puppet Baba Bear appeared to remind them his story. When he asked, ”Remember girls! Last time I went to a beehive, because I love eating honey. Yeah?” then Aylin replied, Ÿeah! Honey” Baba Bear went on ÿeah! The honey was in the beehive and it was up on a tree; then I stretched my hand up high, took a feast of honey and bring it towards my mouth saying b b b…. will you repeat after me?”

Right away both Limsa and Aylin started to mimic him and had turns to sort letter ‘b’ from different 3D letters. After they felt the lines and curves with the tip of their finger (pointer), each of them got turns to trace it on a sand.


Science: Since Thursday is a holiday, we moved our science class to Wednesday and explored our sense of hearing. First we played the game ‘guess who’. We tell the name of the animal after we hear to the sound of it from an ipod. Aylin said, ”lion!” after she heard the sound of a lion and roared acting her hands as claws. Limsa looked at her and started copying her.

In our second activity children were blindfolded and guessed the name of the musical instrument after they listened to its sound. Limsa guessed right, saying “marakas” after she listened to the sound of a marakas. Aylin said, “kashkash” to the sound of a tambourine.


Math: based on our previous lesson, we decided to keep on exploring both

2Dshapes: circle and triangle. First we examined their sides, manipulating all around and counted the sides too. Then we crafted our own shapes using pipe cleaners and popstickles. Limsa used popstickles to craft her triangle and Aylin used pipecleaner to craft her circle.

Special day: Art

To blossom our math class, we used cotton pieces to make a collage of our own shapes.

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Science

Friday: Math

Special day: Art

Quick Reminder

· Starting from next week our Art special day is going to be on Friday.

· On our next week science class, we’re planning to present our family tree. So please send passport size photos of your family members.

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