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The curious Preschoolers

Friday 28th January 2021

Dear parents,

Our kids have been expressive and were sharing their observations in their own ways. On Tuesday at drop off time, while swinging with his classmates on the big swing Eliab was holding a hula hoop in his arms when Limsa saw this, she said, "Eliab?" after noticing something went wrong. The moment she does, Eliab answered, "Don't worry. I will fix that."

On Wednesday, we went to the rabbits' house to feed them at our free-choice time. By the time we reached there, Aylin turned around and shouted, "Ädiam! Look! Rabbit!" pointing to the picture of two rabbits posted on her t-shirt.

This week's large group

Since our curriculum supports children to grow into independent human beings who put their imagination in a creative way that indulges their will, we like to work on cutting activities that promote their fine motor skill development. After we practice scissor handling, each of us started cutting our papers and collaged the pieces on a separate paper as an art portrait.

This week's small group


Cooperative game: Since games nurture children's physical and cognitive development and help them learn to think creatively, we decided to play color dot. First, each child stood on the dot of their choice and waited for the instruction to make the next move. Each time the teacher gives calls a name and gives an instruction addressed to a specific child, the child performs, and the rest remain on their dots. Though it was early to their level introducing key directions, they were able to perform it enthusiastically with consistent redirection. After playing it for two rounds, they changed the rules and started hopping like kangaroos on the color dots.


Literacy: after revising the previous lesson, we had a puppet show of Dee dee dear. The story goes: Hi, my name is Dee dee dear. I love eating leaves. Every time I want to reach a leaf up high, I just point my ears up and stretch my neck then I say, "d…d…d" Right away, Eliab raised two fingers from each hand, sticking them on the top of his ears and started echoing, "d..d…d…d" and his classmates followed him through.


Library: Believing consistency is needed in managing child's behaviour, we chose to read a book about manners with the title 'Say Please'We also had fun, making our own stories

with the puppets.


Science: we began our lesson playing the game Simon says. Each time we touched a specific body part, we felt it deeply to feel the texture. We have described our muscles as squishy, our bones as hard, and joints as twisty. Aylin touched her arm and said, "This is my muscle." Eliab also said, "squishy!" repeatedly, touching his thigh.

In our second activity: we have started making our own skeletal system using Q-tips and will continue it on our next session.


Math: This week, we have started number recognition and focused on number one. First, we explored through different numbers and sorted out number one, then traced it with playdough.

In our second activity: we look for only one thing that we have in our classroom.

Special day

Art: Since we have been working on our Ethiopian center this week, we made a blueprint for our hut. Starting from this week, we are having different fun activities at recess time too.

Next week's schedule

Monday: Cooperative game

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Science

Friday: Math

Special day: Art

Thank you,



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