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This week in Early Pre-K Class

Dear parents,

Our class had a lot of fun this week while having different conversations and doing a lot of activities. 

Large group: In our large group this week we had different board messages. The kids had a chance to write the missing numbers (1-10), we also played the game from last week since the kids like it, where each kid has a shape flash card and one by one, they come up and stick it on the board when it’s called. Moreover, we had a great discussion about recycling since we are establishing our new center ‘Makerspace’ and we encouraged one another to bring more recycling material so we can start creating different things.

“I don’t throw the chocolate box when it’s finished” Tang Tang

“We can make a chocolate monster” Leo

Math: This week we started a new topic in math which is measurement. Our focus in the measurement topic for this week was comparing big and small things and using the terms bigger than and smaller than.

Cooperative game: The cooperative game seemed to be the kid’s favorite activity for this week. We had a water fun activity where we started by washing out the bikes and soon everyone started splashing each other with water! The water and the giggles filled the playground that day.

Clay: This week our class had fun time going to the clay center and creating different things!

Science: we started our session by reviewing the different types of animals we covered in the past month then we learned about a new type of animals which is ‘Birds’. The kids were very happy learning about the different names of birds there are and also hearing their sounds on the speaker.

“I like penguin” Alen

“I see pigeon everyday” Leul

“The crow is loud?” Solomon

Literacy: Our literacy class this week was about finding out and learning more about our names’ beginning sounds.

Library: We started our library class by reading a book together under the title “Close Your Eyes” about a baby tiger whom his mom asking him to close his eyes and go to sleep. Afterwards all chose a book to read alone or with a friend and a book to take home.

“When I look at something and I close my eyes I can see it” Noam


Art: In today’s art class we discussed about the art we are going to create for the art auction and what everyone what’s to draw on the canvas, after that everyone drew on the paper what they planned for as a draft.


Gymnastics: For gymnastics we started warming up by rolling and moving small balls from one hula hoop to the other, then we practiced the hand stand move.   

 Our schedule for next week:

Monday- Math

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Art


Our specials

Wednesday- Ethiopian center

Thursday- Library

Friday- Gymnastics


Reminders and notes

  • As it gets sunny after snack, please send a sunscreen and hat for your child

  • Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

  • Friday is Art class have your child wear suitable clothes.


Have a great weekend!






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