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Weekly Kindergarten Blog

Hello Dear Parents,

How did the week went by, our week was a week filled with learning laughter and also sharing and caring for one another.

Large group

For our large group session, we started by singing the good morning song. Red was our color for this week as well as semi-circle was our shape for the whole week. Participating in the circle time Calendar activity strengthened our time management skills, and sharing our days allowed us to connect with one another. It was a week filled with learning and being respectful and friendship. 


For this week literacy session, we have divided the class into two parts and have done the zoo-phonics and high five sight words, which was a fun activity for the kids and were happy to know what sight word have been sticked on the high five picture and were trying to read it out, and also the other group were engaged in the zoo-phonics and were repeating the alphabets one by one and were happy about it.

-          ” Can you help me read this word out” Yazeed

-          “Alligator” Andre

-          “Whose” Frankie


For our math session, we have also divided the group in two groups and have been doing comparing numbers and sorting out numbers by using materials to count them out and sort them. The kids were happy about both the activities and were engaged and were happy to hear about allie alligator is always hungry and likes to eat the bigger numbers and that way they were able to catch the concept easily and were doing it nicely on their own and were engaged and focused on the activity.

-          “Is this one the bigger number” Andre

-          “Which way do I turn it to eat bigger number apple?” Frankie

-          “I found number 25” Michael


For our foot ball session this week, all the kids were excited about it and all our kids came with their football jerseys and were ready to play the football, what really amazed us was their team talk and how they were giving each other an encouraging word while having their team talks and one of our student has shown us his goal keeping skill buy blocking almost every balls that were coming to him, not only him but also our girls were doing a good job by blocking their goal by standing for two in the goal gate and chatting their own thing and were  all engaged in the football and had a really great day throughout  the day. The score had been Blue team 2 and Red team 4.

-          “We are going to score 3 goal first. “

-          “Everybody out I am going to kick the ball.” Andre

-          “Out I am going to kick the ball.” Ruut


This week for our art session, we did different kind of fruits which was the idea that came from the kids, and they have been doing different fruits like orange, apple and pineapple and also one of the kid made banana on his own and they painted their fruits in different colors that they want to decorate them with and the outcome was really amazing and creative.

-          “I want to draw my own banana.”

-          “I want the red color.” Abigail

Our plan for next week is as follows: -

Large group

Songs: -Good morning songs

Circle time calendar



Small group

Monday: - Literacy

Tuesday: - Math

Wednesday: - Journal

Thursday: - Science

Friday: - Co-operative game / Music


Monday: - Ethiopian center

Wednesday: - Library

Thursday: - Art


-  Every Wednesday is our library day, so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

-  Every Wednesday we have Football, so please send your child with football appropriate clothing.

-  Every Thursday is our art day so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Thank you for your time!

Have a blast weekend!!!

Happy Ethiopian Epiphany!!

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