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Early Preschool

Dear parents,

We had such a busy week preparing for our family day. We made coin toss stand, all by ourselves. We hope to see you all this Saturday at 11am.

School will be closed for celebration Adwa victory on 2nd of March.

Large group

Our large group was fun while we sing “Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toe” the kids enjoyed how the songs start slow and go faster and faster.

Small group.

Our small groups were mostly emphasized in experimenting and examining end results. In Science we experimented on things that change color, and see different materials change color when we soak them different colors. For example we soak white paper in the green paint and it changed into green. Then we soak plastic paper in blue and it didn’t change color. The kids enjoyed experimenting different materials. In Literacy we traced lots of different animals to develop our writing skills and to exercise our tiny hand muscles. But the most fun we had this week was when we make the coin toss stand for our family day. It was fun sticking up all those cups so close to one and another.

Next week

Monday – Math (sand box shape hunt) Tuesday- Literacy (water writing on the board)

Wednesday- Science (sink and float)


Friday- Cooperative games


Monday - Art

Wednesday- Music and Movement


  • On Monday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

  • Please don’t forget to return their library folders on Thursday.

  • Due to hot season please don't forget to put hat, and sunscreen in their bags.

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