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Early Preschool Insight

Dear Parents,

The day finally arrives. We are all excited and ready to celebrate our Halloween themed family day on Saturday. The kids were busy making our school ready for the holiday while learning a lot through the process.

Large groups

This week’s large groups were filled with talks about Halloween and the kind of costumes we can wear. We were so amazed by how the kids were coming up with ideas on how we can decorate our classroom and the whole school.

Small group

Math - we practice counting and number orders. We tried to solve pumpkin puzzles using numbers and counting as a clue.

Science – we continued our investigations. This week we investigated spiders. We talked about spiders and We went around the school looking for spiders and spider webs. We were so excited to see spiders on walls and we then decided to make our own spider webs. So we make spider webs and we put them on our classroom wall. We also talked about making skeletons and we tried to make lines and curves to paint our own skeleton which in turn help us practice our fine motors.

Literacy – on our literacy session we continued practicing our writing skills by writing lines and curves. We also talked about making skeletons and we tried to make lines and curves to paint a skeleton

Next week

Monday - Math (number correspondence)

Tuesday - Science (what sink and what floats?)

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Literacy (Tracing Lines)

Friday - Community work (Watering flowers around the school.)


• On Thursdays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

• Due to unknown weather conditions, Please pack both hot and cold weather clothes and gears

• Don’t forget to bring library folders on Wednesdays.

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