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Infants and Toddlers Weekly Insight

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome Halefom our new staff member to Little Einsteins! We look forward to working with you! We also welcomed a new friend in our class. His name is Isaac. Everyone enjoyed the new benchs for snack. We sat down during large group to discuss with our friends on how we can use it safely.

Small group explorations:

For Movement we did an obstacle course, our focus were Physical development.

We prepared different colored mats and a Tent, we started by rolling on the mat then the kids followed and immitated our actions. They had a lot of fun jumping, rolling and crawling through the tent by taking turns.

While doing emotion pocket; (our focus was Social and Emotional Development); we would like to thank our friends in advance (Kindergartners, Pre-K and Early Pre-K's) for letting us take photos of different emotions for our "Emotions Activity". Then we brought it to our small group, hang different emotion pockets in the mirror, and then we asked the kids to find the different Emotions such as; Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprise and Sleepy. The kids were very excited to find their friends faces, Match it with the pocket and name the emotions.

We also had a great time exploring with colored spaghetti for art. We decided to have a messy activity because while reading a book “In The Garden” the kids were very happy to see the pig rolling in the mud. We used spaghetti, food coloring and plates. The kids were very amazed to mix colors, squish the spaghetti and enjoyed eating it .

Next Week Small Group

Monday- Obstacle Course (Physical Development)

Tuesday- Dress up (Personal Care and Healthy Behaviour ) Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Emotion Pocket (Social and Emotional Development)

Friday- Find Jacks Face (Personal Care and Healthy Behaviour)


• Every Wednesday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoe for art class.

• We send out Llibrary books on Wednesdays’ please make sure to send it back on time.

• Due to the dry and windy weather please pack a hat for your children.

• If you have any questions feel free to contact us during school hours.

We are looking forward to a great year!

Infant, Toddler and Transitional Toddler Team

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