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Pre-K Weekly Insight

Dear Parents,

This week we added a new staff to our little Einsteins’ family!

Meet Our New Staff Member!

My name is Halefom Tarekegn. I have joined the staff of Little Einstein. I have an engineering degree and am currently working on my master’s degree on business administration. I have been teaching for the last academic year. I have a passion for teaching. I am happy to be a part of Little Einsteins, where education, care and play go hand in hand. I welcome the opportunity to meet each of you in person.

Our Small Group Exploration,

Monday: Science

We are still taking our time to work on understanding our five senses

better. This week talked about smelling, we discussed about our nose shape, why we have two holes and how to also take care of our noses better. After our discussion we brought lemon, Ginger, flowers, Rue and Ocimum lamifolium and predicted what it could smell like.

Camilla said “ I think the lemon tastes sour but I like the smell because it is good.”

Seven picked up the ginger and said “ This very very good!”

Noah said, “ I think all flowers smell so nice.”

Julieta said, “But some flowers smell so yucky”

Wednesday: Literacy

We had spend our literacy time working on our Zoo-phonics. We also tried to remember our beginning sounds and thought of different words that starts with each zoo-phonics! Zoo-phonics uses Animals in the shapes of lowercase letters before teaching the actual letters. Sequentially, the child learns first the Animal Shapes, then the Merged Animal-Letters and finally, when developmentally ready, the letters themselves.

Program methodology

1) The Animals help the children remember the shapes and sounds of the letters

2) Letter sounds are taught before letter names

3) Lowercase letters are taught before capital letters

4) The body movement for each animal letter helps “cement” the phonemic information into memory

For more understanding on Zoo-phonics go to

Thursday: Library

The Pre-k’s love their library time! We love to go over the books in the library to read and also tell our own story by looking at some pictures from the books. It is also a time for us to check out new books and return old ones.

Friday: Journal

Journal day is a time for all of us to take our time to write, draw and scribble our stories. They enjoy taking turns to listen to some real and some interesting imaginative stories. We took some time to ask questions and make comments and suggestions on our journals.

Next Week Plans

Monday- Science (focuses on our five senses)

Tuesday- Math (How many sides)

Wednesday- Literacy (Zoo-phonics)

Thursday- Library

Friday- Journals


Thursday: Music and Movement

Tuesday: Art


Tuesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wears their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities could get messy!

Since its a sunny season please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Thursday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Have a nice weekend!

Negede, Halefom and Eyrus

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