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Infants,Toddlers and Transtional Toddlers

Dear Parents,

Hope you had a great working week. Our group is getting bigger as we are welcoming new friends. The children had an amazing week socializing, imitating, laughing and working with each other. Its a bitter sweet friday for us as we say goodbye to Free and aslo wishing her all the best in her next adventures.

We started a new project called 'Ocean and beach center' its a work in progress. the children have a long list of plans for the center and it still keeps coming. On this note we kindly ask you to lend or donate some Swimming suits, Goggles, Sun Glasses, Sandals, and sunscreen that you run out of or not in use anymore we would love to have it to set up the center.

We are proud to announce that next Friday (Dec7) will be the grand opening of our bookstore! You are all invited to come and celebrate the success of our Authors!

Large Group,

We enjoyed our large group time reading 'Where Is Baby’s Belly Button' and singing the kid’s favorite songs like; 'Ali Baba’s Farm, The Wheels On The Bus' and our theme song 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'. We talked a lot about body parts as we are focusing on understanding and naming body parts.

We had a picture stuck on the mirror and they named him Nolawi, so the kids could relate the picture with the actual boy in the classroom. We had a great time naming Nolawi’s body parts.

Small Group

For this Week’s small group we had Music, Art, Dress up, Finding Jack's Body Part and Emotion Pocket.

For Dress up activity our focus was on Personal Care. We were practicing our fine and gross motor skills by taking our clothes off and putting them back on. They took off their Pants, Socks, Jacket and Sweater on their own. Even though they had challenges putting their clothes back on we managed to problem solve along the way.

For Art, we continued on last week’s project. We dried up the spaghetti after the kids mixed it with food coloring. We prepared glue, brush and fabrics so the kids could glue the fabric and stick the dried up spaghetti. The kids had a great time sticking and helping one another and most of all getting messy!

Next Week Exploration

Monday- Walking on Tape (Physical Development)

Tuesday-Zipper Board (Fain mottor skill)

Wednesday-Art ( Fair truck)

Thursday-Card Board Beads ( Decoreating Our Class)

Fridays-Making Fruit salad ( New Vocablry and Helping each other)


Every Wednesday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoe for art class.

We send out Llibrary books on Wednesdays’ please make sure to send it back on time.•

Due to the dry and windy weather please pack a hat for your children.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us during school hours. We are looking forward to a great year!Infant, Toddler and Transitional Toddler Team!

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