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Early Preschool this week

Dear parents,

What a week we had!

This week we welcomed our new staff Osaye who will be joining us starting from this week. Our bookstore grand opening was on Friday. If you miss a chance to see the amazing books authored by the kids, you are welcome to come and see our bookstore anytime.

Here is a sneak view of the party!

Photos of the event will be posted

next week. Stay tuned!!!

large groups

Our large groups this week focused on our problem-solving skills. We talked about how we can solve problems we faced around the school. We had such fruitful conversations about how we can solve conflicts between friends and how we can drive our bikes safely. We also enjoyed talking about the messages on our board. We also introduced a new dinosaur song (if I had a dinosaur) and the kids enjoyed it.

Small group

Math- our activity was number-hunt. We went outside and tried to find the numbers that were hidden around the school. we had a good experience finding the numbers and identifying them.

Science – previously we had investigated changes on our plants we gathered for the garden. Some of the suggestions from that investigation were to put some of the dried plants in the water. So we sock them in water and put them in our class. But they were still dry so this week we went outside to get some soil and we are going try to see if the soil and the water is going to help the dead plants. So we went outside with our shovels and diggers to get soil and we planted our dry leaves. We take it back to our class so we can observe the changes frequently.

Literacy – last week we started to identify the differences and similarities between letters and numbers. So on our literacy activity this week, we continued our activity on identifying letters and talked based on their shapes. We matched zoo phonics letters and print out letters. But this time we were also talking about the sounds they make.


Art – this weeks art activity was about trees and what they look like. We talked about the basic components. We also tried to go outside and try to see what trees look like. Then we do a collage with parts of a tree.

Music and movement – we enjoyed our music session by singing our favorite songs. We also enjoyed gymnastics with Mr.Yonas.

Next week

Monday- Math (How tall am I?)

Tuesday - Science (continued plants investigation)

Wednesday - Library

Thursday- Cooperative games

Friday- Literacy (drawing letter like forms on the lightbox)


• On Thursdays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

• Due to unknown weather conditions, Please pack both hot and cold weather clothes and gears

• Don’t forget to bring library folders on Wednesdays.

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