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Pre K News and Notes


We have sent text messages to all our parents regarding our school survey. We hope you take a few minutes and fill it up, as it will help us improve our services.

Today is Seven’s last day. Both our pre k and kindergarten friends worked on a good-bye postcard for Seven.


We started our activity by working on our morning message board. We tried to fill in missing letters. We played a game on our board, which lets us guess what the name of an animal is by its description. The name of the animal we were looking for was penguin. Andre said, “Penguins live in Igloos.”

We went outside to our beach center. We had a lot of letters hidden in the sand. We played treasure hunting with the letters. We made beginning sounds of each letter we found and made different words using our letters.


The science activity had our kindergarten and our pre-k students involved. We started by looking at pictures of a volcano and lava. We talked about where volcanoes were located.

After we spoke about volcanoes, we started talking about what we would need for our volcano. Marlow said we need stones. Noah said we need mud. We went out and collected our dirt and rocks around our grass area.


After working on our board we went outside and continued working on our counting skills.

Noah and Andre wanted to play and work together on our activity. We used different types of toys: small birds, dinosaurs and insect toys. Seven worked on counting to forty, while most of our friends counted up to thirty.


After our collage with paint we were all exited to do spread paint. After choosing some things to put on our canvas that would make different shapes, we started to spread different paints on it. Rachel wanted to put glitter on her area of the canvas and we all wanted to put different colors of glitter on different areas of the canvas. Our art works are displayed in our school compound.

Have a great weekend!!

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