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Preschool and Early Pre-K


We hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Thank you for attending our Parent/Teacher conference on Monday and Tuesday. We really had fruitful time discussing your child development. We really appreciate and took your constructive comments. Thank you!

Quick reminder

  • We started registering for summer camp, it is going to be from June 17- July 12

  • Picture day will be on June 3rd and 4th if the holiday is going to be on the 4th, the picture day will be moved on the 5th.

  • School is going to be closed either on 4thor 5thfor Ramadan celebration

During large group

This week in our large group, following a long talk about super heroes, we talked about how we have to be caring and protective for the younger kids at our school and at our home. While the Pre-K was with us, Anna said, “I was with Noah in the morning.” And Julitte said, “I miss my little brother.” And after having the discussion we saw big changes in our school. For instance, Saeed was helping and taking care of one of our child with getting bikes, and give him a pat. We hope that would happen at home too.

During small group,

Wednesday - Shadow Science

It was exciting to talk about shadows. In our science session, we talked about what shadow is and when can we see shadow. Melo said, “We see shadow when there is sun.” So we went outside and explore with our shadows. We talked about how our shadows make different sizes as we move. Adam said, “Tesfaye’s shadow is big because you are big.” We made different shapes with our shadow, and they tried to draw their friends’ shadow with chalk. While some of our children were drawing their friends’ shadow, the shadow vanished. So we talked about it why. Alexander said, “It is because the sun is blocked by clouds.” The children had so much fun doing that. In our recalling time, even though some of our children said, “Yes”, some of our kids don’t think that we will have shadows atnight even if there is another source of light. So hopefully we are going to repeat this activity in the dark room next week.

Thursday- Tag war and scoring the ball in the basket

It was another fun week in our cooperative game. This weeks cooperative game focus was about a sense of teamwork in each child’s mind. When we talked about what we need to playtag war, Leon said, “We need to make two teams. But they should be equal number of boys and girls.” Pointing to the middle mark on the rope,he also said, “The white thing has to be in the middle.” We talked about how teamwork is important. We also tried to score the balls in the basket from the distance. They really enjoyed both of our activities.

Next week

Monday – Literacy

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Cooperative Game

Friday - Library

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