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Preschool Monthly Insight

We achieved another milestone by the end of November: we celebrated Dalia's and Nathaniel's 4th birthday, We switched our class into a bigger room, We learned so much, and the children are creating an incredible bond between themselves in the group.

Major learning areas - November

Literacy – Letter awareness was the theme for November. Apart from Our Literacy explorations, every morning, we took time from our circle time to talk about the letter of the day. This Month's special letters were J, H, C, and D.

We also dedicated our literacy-small group activities to letter awareness (Zoo Phonics). Our ultimate focus for this Month was knowing about zoo-phonics and introducing beginning sounds. We started this Month's activities by matching 3D letters with the zoo-phonics. The letter hunting and matching activity help the children to relate letters they know with the zoo-phonics we use to teach. Then we started tracing the letters so we can see the shape of each letter in depth. After the 3rd week, we went through all the zoo-phonics letters, sounds, and stories. My favorite part as a teacher was when the kids investigate, discover, analyze, and process beginning sounds of words and bring it up in the middle of the conversation. Iliana is a master at this. At Snack time, she told us all her classmate's names' beginning sounds.

Next Month, we will continue our Zoo-phonics learning journey using different exciting activities.

Math – In Math this Month, we finalized shapes exploration by making beautiful artwork and changed our focus to numbers and counting. We practiced single-digit counting using different materials. We also worked on number awareness and value analysis using different techniques. The activities include 'How many Dinosaurs can you count?' 'Count and Match!' and 'what are the numbers you can recognize.'

Next Month we will continue this focus, and we will try to see each single-digit numbers in depth.

Motor skills – this Month's top activity on the most fun chart was motor skill activity. Whether its fine motor or gross motor, the kids enjoyed every activity. Our focus was to help them exercise and achieve certain body muscles to help them navigate and explore easily. We did different activities to enhance these skills. Playdough and Obstacle course to name a few. In the last week of November, every morning, we practiced making different shapes using play dough as a part of our large group activity.

Science – this Month, we have concluded our exploration of organs. So far, we learned about the skeletons, muscles, brain, heart, and lungs. This Month we took the time to learn more about Heart and Lung. We read books about Lung and heart functions. Next Month, we are planning to turn our focus to Living and non-living things.

Here are some cute photos from last month.


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