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Greeting dear parents,

Dear parent we had a productive two weeks with our lovely children.

Freindly Reminder:

  • March 6 -March 10 school will be closed for spring break!!

We reminded the children about the traffic rules in our school compound, how they can use the arrow, how to use the roundabout and what they need to use while they are riding the balance bike or scooter and to put their helmet on.

This week in large group

Our large group was fun and joyful. Before we start our large group, we hold each other’s hand and made big and small circle then it makes them calm and they all sit on their pillows after that we sang 'Good morning’, ‘Shrug your shoulder up and down' and 'Five little monkey' then we worked on our attendance, when we do our attendance, if they are here in the class we walk to them and give a tickle, it makes them smile and laugh. We also read a book titled ‘The filling and share little Lion'.

Some episodes of our large group were filled with a lot of new things. Starting with Our new friend Dudu, Dudu is our class friend which is a bear and red in color. We greet him every morning in our circle we all give him a big and warm hug. We discuss the different ways we can express our love to him. For example, how we have to be nice when asking for something, that we always have to ask kindly by saying “please” that we don’t snatch from Dudu or any of our friends and families, and to show our gratitude by saying “thank you”, and if we make our friends, teachers or families angry or sad we should remember to apologize by saying “sorry”. Dudu shared one message to all of our friends, he told us “Every time we play, we sit together, we eat, and all our daily activities we should be gentle to one another.” We had a book related to this theme called ‘Say Please Little Bear’. The children took it to their hearts and followed on the agreement they made with Dudu.

We have now started talking about Days of the week through a song, about the weather, our class rules and we spend a plenty time out of our large group time engaging in a conversation where each kid gets a turn to tell us about how their morning was, who they came with, what they saw on the road, what they had for breakfast, what they drink, and what they are feeling. It is heartwarming to see and hear them sharing their ideas.

Small group

This week's exploration in our small group, water fun (squeeze water), Exploring in the garden, color sorting.

Water fun

During water fun activity, we squeezed water from one tub to another tub, the material we used was Tub, Sponge, Water and Water pump. first we showed the kids how are they going to use the different materials, like how they can dip and squeeze water, how they can use the pump also the kids were very excited when they were dipping and squeezing in another way we challenged them with the pump, helps in the development of gross and fine motor skill, and problem solving. The children were happy to splash everywhere.


Another of our small group was exploring with soil. First, we explain about soil, how it feels, the texture and where it is found, that it turns into a mud when it gets mixed with water. We then let our children explore the soil, feel, and mix it with water. At first some of them didn’t want to touch it and mix it but after some exploration and watching other friends having fun, they felt assured and started to participate. After finishing exploring we took the Mud in the garden area and made it ready for planting in it.

Color Sorting

For this couple of weeks, we were exploring with colors, but this time we added more color and collected different colored animals, bears, paper and kitchen materials and sorted according to where each objects belongs to .The children did this activity better than last week. on our small group, the older kids were introduced to pattern, the pattern we choose was AB pattern, we used red and yellow papers to form the pattern.

Work Time

Work time is a time where we choose different centers like music, blokes, dramatic, sand box and puzzle. All our friends plan to do and recall in the center.

Small group

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Language

Friday – Gymnastic

Special days

Art: Tuesday

Library: Wednesday

Work time

Our work time for this week and next week will be.

Car and tracks center

Blocks center

Dramatic center

Sand box

Maker space


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