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Early Pre-K on the 8th Week of School

Dear parents,

“Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself” This is what John Dewey said about education. Big part of John’s quote and if not, all is applied in our school method of learning as we always make sure that our students have enough time socializing with each other and having fun as they are reaching their milestones.

Quick reminder!

  • Tomorrow Friday, Oct 06,2023 school will be closed to avoid any inconvenience as roads will be closed or extremely crowded, This was advised by the Ministry of Education!

  • Fall Break will be From October 16- 20 (Monday- Friday). School will be closed.

What we had for this week

Large group: in our large group this week we had the triangle as the shape of the week and number four “4” as the number of the week. We also had different morning messages in which the students had to match numbers, finish a pattern or find a triangle in the room.

Math: We started doing simple patterns this week and it was (big, small, big, small). Patterns help children in this age to understand the daily routine and sequence of events happening around them.

Cooperative game: We played a tower building game where students had to throw dice and count how many dots, they got then take blocks according to the numbers of the dots they got and help build the tower. In this game all students were building one tower, so they practiced counting and learned how to work together, they felt proud seeing the result!

Music: For music class we worked on instruments sounds identification, we had the drum, shaker, and keyboard. They had a chance to try and listen to these three instruments then we played the sounds on the speaker and they enjoyed guessing which instrument it is.

Science: For our science class we continued with our five senses topic and the focus was (listening and feeling). We put some music on, the students enjoyed closing and opening their ears to see the difference and for feeling, they tried touching different textures.

Literacy: Today we went through the zoo phonics, they love the phonics and the short story each one has. This activity is the beginning of reading and it helps build their vocabulary bank as we share together 2 or 3 words for each phonic.

Library: Our students are always excited when we go into the library class, they like to ask which story we are going to read together and show their mates and teachers the book they would like to take home. Today’s story title was ”Bobby Knows Best “.

What are our activities for next week?

Monday – Math

Tuesday – Cooperative game

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Literacy

Friday – Art

Our specials

Tuesday – Music

Thursday- Library

Friday – Gymnastics

Reminders and notes

  • Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

  • Friday is Art class have your child wear suitable clothes.

  • As the weather is changing please send your child with a hat and sunscreen.

Have a wonderful weekend!

From the Early Pre-school and Pre-school team


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