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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

It's sad to say good-bye to May and welcome June, it was very fast month with a lot of fun and excitement. The past two weeks were full of fun activities. We worked on our Physical, language, Social, and Emotional development throughout the past two weeks.

Large group

We started our large group by reading different books the children enjoyed. After that, we sang the good morning song and other songs that the children enjoy. We ended our large group by reading the class favorite books called, 'Let's play’ and ‘I love my Mommy'.

This week Small group

Music always brings children joy and happiness. For our music session, we brought different musical instruments; shakers, drums, xylophones, pianos and flute. The children created their own orchestra, and had a fun time making different sounds.

For art, we explored with red and yellow paints. We started the activity by having the children pick a paper of their choice either by pointing towards the paper or using words.

Our language activity was exploring with beads and straw, we give each child small play dough they first explored with it by poking, squashing, and rolling. They continue sticking the straw in to the dough, and then they start stacking the beads into the straw with different pattern colors. While doing so, we encourage them to use some vocabularies like, in, out, put, add, more, pock, squashed, and so on. They all had very good hand and eye coordination.

One of the fun activities we had last week was water fun: they all have been responsible little Einstein’s citizens by washing all the school bikes. Before we started the activity, we sat in a circle and had a conversation on how we wash the bikes; it is one of the ways teaching the children to develop their language, communication, and vocabulary skills. After our small talk, we went outside to fulfill our responsibilities; they put on their art smacks and went straight to the bikes. The activity involves different actions like, squeezing, rubbing, sharing sponges to friend, rinsing and more. They enjoy the activity very much, they play with the bubbles, and as always the activity goes to splashing which is their favorite part.

After all the toys washed, we used clean water to rinse and put it in to the sun so that it can dry off and get ready to play after we eat snack. We all had a good time playing with water and cleaning our toys.

Have a nice week!

Infants and Toddlers team


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