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October's Recap From Early preschool and Preschool

A lot of fun and exciting activities had passed last month. proceeding from September we were able to analyze our observation and assessments on our kids to understand better their interests and needs and their developmental change. Based on our observation we were able to come up with plans according to our curriculum areas.

Cooperative games: we came up with games and activities which boosted their problem-solving skill, it gives children to practice working and playing together which also prepares them for learning together, group works, they build social skills, supporting one another and develop their emotion understanding and also expressions. Thanks to all the activities now our bond is stronger than ever! Hehe!!

Mathematics: this month was all about Numbers and Patterns and routines and repetitions.

Patterns:After observing the children's prior knowledge on patterns and we planned activities to help them understand the concept of repetition through sets of math activities and morning messages. The kids enjoyed making their own patters using bears, blocks, papers, balls and clothes also.

Number: we worked on our counting skills and number figure identification and matching them through our message board; days of the week, and attendance.

Literacy: On our message board, we had a Letter of the day, letter matching activities, and zoo phonics games. We also used lots of playdough in our art and literacy activities for tracing while also developing our small muscles. We also had journal sessions which consisted of drawing, writing and storytelling skills in our classes once a week. We were also going to the library and learning about library rules and, expectations while we read our favourite books.

Science: We did lots of engaging science activities this past month. We did activities about the body and its major components. In the first weeks, we talked about the names of the body parts and their function, the 5 sense organs and their functions also.

Art: We had explorations with our different paints and colors. New ways of creating arts and beautiful pieces. We learned about Primary colors and Secondary colors.

Gymnastic sessions this month was all about learning different techniques and ways of stretching our bodies and warming up techniques. Getting our body ready, to loosen up a little bit for the upcoming challenging activities.

Our Plan for next week

Monday - Music (Beats and rhythms)

Tuesday - Maths (Pattern)

Wednesday - Art ( Letter Stamps)

Thursday - Literacy (Tracing)

Friday - Science (Hygiene)


Tuesday - Library

Friday - Gymnastics


  • Every Tuesday is our Library Folder, please don't forget to return the library folder.

  • Please send your child with a sunscreen and hat as it gets sunny after snack time

  • Every Wednesday is our art day, send your child with an appropriate art clothing

Have a nice weekend!


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