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Pre-k and Kindergarten

November 28th,2020 Greeting Parents,

Welcome to our first blog! We are finally here! We are very thankful to all parents for trusting and believing in us throughout these tough times. We also love to thank all parents for coming to the parent-teacher conference. We hope you all had a great week; we certainly had one!

A small introduction to what this blog is for new parents,

We at LE believe in strong communication with parents. It is very basics for the development of the children. That is why we try to communicate with parents by sending what the children have been doing every week. It will help parents know their child's level and guide them in doing small activities with your child over the weekend at home.

Introduction to our group,

We are Pre-k and kindergartners! So far, we have three children in each group; both groups have different activities based on their level. These genius friends are,


· Victor

· Nathaniel and,

· Zeno


· Alia

· Yamlak and,

· Ezana

Introduction to our class,

Our class is divided into two groups, large and small group. A large group is where they explore with books, do small activities on board, listen and dance to music, and share their thoughts with their friends and teachers. A small group is a specific activity they do throughout the week, these activities include Math, Literacy, Science, Cooperative games and Library.

Our large group this week,

The break has given some of our friends time to develop their reading skills and now we switch responsibilities, they read book for their friends and we listen! Our large group touches different learning areas; we have counting corner, writing corner, letter and their sounds and more.

Our small group this week,

Monday: there are times when the children made us change what we plan to do to other activities; this is what happened this week. We have planned to do letter identification and sounds using Zoo-phonics (zoo animals with letters); while we were talking about Vowels, a friend said that he has a vowel in his name; he wrote it on the board and showed it to his friends. I hope you know where this is leading; then everyone wanted to write their name on the board, and they all discovered that everyone has a vowel in their names!

Tuesday: Cooperative game is part of our big activity in our group. Both groups are very energetic and enjoy playing. This week we took one of our friend’s suggestions, we had fun with water balloons, the most fun they had was when they popped it.

Wednesday: considering the time they have been away from school for a long time, we made our theme for this semester to be “All about me”. It is a very vast topic that can be included in different activities. This week for our science, we talked about our five senses.

Thursday: for Math this week, we tried to bold writing with number counting. We put small dots on a big paper; they got the chance to make those dots bolder while they count it.

Next week plans

Monday: Literacy

Tuesday: Cooperative Game

Wednesday: science

Thursday: Math

Friday: library

Quick reminder

· Please make sure to send your child with sunscreen and extra cloth.

· We have Art every Wednesday, so please make sure to send your child with old clothes as we will have painting activities.

Have a beautiful weekend!

The Pre-k and kindergarten team

What we did in pictures,

" I am a frog in a Tutu!"

"Congratulation Elsa, you will live 100 years!"

"ohh Fatigué!"

"Take a picture Miraf!!"

Meet your third teacher in the class!

"ok Miraf, this is what your Lung looks like!"

"Lets just chill!"

Meet the balloon poppers!


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