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Dear parents,

What a wonderful and exciting week we had! This week we have welcomed another friend to our Early Preschool and Preschool family his name is Abenezer.

We would also like to thank you all for being a part of our Meskel celebration.

What did we do this week?

For small group this week we had Cooperative Games, Science, Math, Literacy and Library.

For Literacy this week we continued exploring with letters, the letter of the week was ‘a’. We started our activity by talking about zoo-phonic name of the letter, which is ‘Allie Alligator’. Following that we told the children the a little story about our Zoo-phonic friend and the two sounds she makes. The children had fun time imitating the sound she makes. Following that gave the children a print out of the letter and play dough so that they can model the letters on the print out using the play dough.

During our Cooperative Games activity we had a wonderful time playing a game called Obstacle Course. For this activity we went outside to the grass area where we had prepared a course we thought might challenge and excite the children. The course we prepared for them was, first they climbed up on the stares of the slide and slid down the slide, and then they climbed up and down the mountain play structure, after getting down from the mountain they jumped in and out from three hula hops and at the end they went through a tunnel.

During our Math day we continued talking about patterns. But instead of using two colors we tried challenging the children to make pattern using three colors of their choice.

And on Friday we had a post card making activity for our Meskel celebration. Children made post cards for in their art room and exchanged it with their friends.

Our plans for next week

Monday – No School

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Library

Have a nice weekend!


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