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The Memory Makers!

Greeting parents,

The fun exploration is continuing, and we make sure every minute count as we only left with a week to close the school year. Now we are not the only ones who are being emotional about the ending, some of our students are expressing their feeling with many things and it is very understandable as we have been able to witness these emotions for some years now.

Large group this week

Even though it sad to talk about the end of the school year, our group made it fun while we sat to plan on how we could spend the last day. We talked about different ideas they raised and the one idea that everyone approved of having ice cream. The other exciting idea was to wearing costumes on the last day, everyone shared what kind of costume they have, and for those who do not have costumes Victor come up with a good idea and said, “You can wear the one we have in the dramatic center.”

Small group this week

Final journal: some of the stories they shared,

Victor: “this is a music instrument and this is the sound!”

Yamlak: “This is a dinosaur and also he run too fast than human robot and this a sun!”

Eliab: “Baba bear and moma bear, finish!”

Nati: “I wrote Eliabs name and I wrote ‘Abachada’”

Yanet: “This is a rainbow.”

Zeno: “This one is a big police car!”

Plastic bag water fun: this week's cooperative game also included water as requested. The game included water in the plastic bag and a race to fill up tubs. It was a bit tricky to fill up the plastic bag with water, but they tried to come up with different ways, Elsa finally came to the rescue with a water hose!

Half Rainbow: you can ask some of our groups what their favorite color and 90% of them would say, “My favorite color is rainbow.” Considering that interest, we tried to make a rainbow this week. We talked about the different colors of the rainbow and where we can find them. For our experiment, we used food colors (we only had green, red, yellow, and blue), cups, and paper towels.


  • Pour the food colors into different cups and mix them with water, make sure to put one empty cup in between the food color cups.

  • Fold the paper towel and bend it in the middle.

  • Finally lay all the cups (Both the empty and food color cups) in line and put the paper towel in between the food color cup and the empty one, do the same until you run of cups.

Cup towers: our groups love to explore and get creative with different materials. During large group, one of our friends was exploring with cups and building a tower, and then everyone was interested in the creativity. We asked them if they also want to explore with the cups ad build different things, they all agreed and build their own.

Picture of the week!


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