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This Week In Pre-K!

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank all the parents for coming to celebrate Family Day and for having such a wonderful time with us! As usual, we spent this week doing various fun activities with our children.

Our large group

As always, this week's session was full of fun and educational activities for the children.

We had a great time talking about our family day that we celebrated last Saturday, singing songs, reading our favorite books, and discussing how to respect and apply the rules in our classroom. We have also been doing our message board which focused on the beginning sound of letters.

Our small group

We played our Cooperative game this week outside in the open air. Our children enjoyed the sunshine a lot! Before we started the game, we divided our children into two groups and arranged chairs for each group in order, then we explained to them that the game would be by giving each group balls and passing the ball quickly without dropping it and the team that finished first would be the winner. This made our children realize that working as a team is always effective. We also noticed that it is a fun game that our children will choose to play again and again.

On this week’s Math class our children explored patterns. We discussed on how they can make patterns by using different shapes and colors. This activity helps children to make predictions, understand what comes next and make logical connections. We had a great time watching our kids make their own beautiful patterns by using colorful clip connects and cubes. It was wonderful seeing our children being creative and engaged in their activity.

Journal this week!

We did our journal based on the family day we celebrated last Saturday. As we always do, we made a story for our kids about how we had a good family time using our white board as our journal book. After we did ours, the kids took turns making their own journals and sharing them with us. We enjoyed every moment with our children!

Our special – Art

On art Session, our kids were drawing their own pictures and painting with colors yellow, red, white and blue. They were having fun mixing different colors and loving the results.

Abigael said, “I mix white and red, and I get pink.” Milly also said, “Yellow and red makes orange.”

Our kids loved their painting and had a joyful time together.

Our activities next week

Monday – Cooperative game (Songs with different movements)

Tuesday - Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Wednesday – Math (Patterns)

Thursday- Library

Friday – Science (Animals' habitat)

Our specials

Wednesday – Gymnastic

Thursday - Library

Friday – Art


  • As it is a sunny season, please send your child with a hat and sunscreen.

  • Every Thursday, we have Library so please don’t forget to send the kids with their library folders.

  • Every Friday, we have Art so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.


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