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Early pre school

We had another fantastic week at Little Einsteins. Our group is getting bigger and the social relationship is getting stronger everyday.

Large group

In the mornings we have fun reading books together. When it is time for large group we sit in a circle, sing together and enjoy calling our friends name during the morning song.

Small group

In our Math activity we had fun with number words and their symbols (numbers) in the beginning we look over the words and we started counting things in our classroom. Some of the words we use were, “five photos”, “12 bears” and “8 cups”. This week’s library was the most fun. We read the “white rabbit's color book” together and everyone was interested.” In our literacy session this week we have played games with alphabets. we tried to match some different letters to help us understand shapes of different letters.

Work time

Shopping center, Space, Jungle, Light box, and Sound Wall

Next week's small group plans

Monday - Science

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Journals

Friday – fun Friday

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