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This week in preschool

Dear parents,

We had a nice week at our school. We hope you all received the invitation for our first Art Auction that is going to be held at our school on the 13th of May. The children are very excited to see heir art project being finalized. Since it’s their work of art we are asking ideas on how to display the art works and we are getting amazing ideas from our little artists.

Large Group

This week’s most favorite book was “Detective Ted” and our song was ‘Down in the jungle’. As talked about the times we traveled to a new place and shared our experienced. We also continued our number senses by doing our ‘all about number’ board.

Small group

This week our science activity was exciting. We were so happy to see our seeds grow so we all decided it was time for us to take them from the cups and finally plant them at the back of our school. We also had maths where we practice creating our own patterns in groups and helping each other out. We also had literacy, library and journals for our exploration time.

Phrases from here and there!

“My seed did not grow at all why is that?”

“My seed is bigger than the cub its so tall!”

“ Look am making two patterns red blue and red blue”

“ When I turn five I will be the fastest boy. Even faster than my dad!”

Work time

Museum, Shopping, water fun, Space, and sand box

Next week Specials

Monday- Journals Monday- Music and Movement

Tuesday- Math Thursday- Art

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Library


  • On Thursday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art.

  • Please don’t forget library folders on Friday for the kids to check out books.

Negede, (+251 911 96 8881) and Fre

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