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Pre k's week

Dear parents,

Hope parents loved our heartfelt cards! We were so proud to be like pets patrol, making sure the younger kids to stay away from fire by keeping safety rules.

The peak of this week was planning and researching on oceans and types of animals that live in it. We read books, search from internet and documentary videos like real scientists. We have these great ideas of how we want our ocean should look like. We can’t wait to get this center started. We also started camping where we pack our bags and go to our school campsite. To relax, gather barriers, play in the cave and pond fishing.

Starting from next week the Kindergarten class will join us for Music and PE.

Quotes from pre k

“Look at my Ethiopian dress; it’s a man’s cloth!”

“I want to write a letter to mom and say thank you but I can’t write so I draw beautiful flower!”

“Will the monster come here (camping place)? Camping places should be safe from animals babies are scared!”

“Divers need oxygen in a tank to breath under water and goggles and silly shoes!”

Next week’s plans

Small group New work time centres

Monday – Sand tracing Ocean Tuesday - Math Camping

Wednesday – Library

Thursday – Literacy

Friday – No school (teacher work day)

  • Specials * Monday - Music/ PE

  • *Friday – Art

  • Reminders – please return library books on time with folders - Put on sun screens and send hats

  • - Please send boxes, tissue rolls and things that can be useful for our centers

  • School will closed on Friday Oct 6th for teacher work day

  • Have a lovely weekend!!

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