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Kindergarten Weekly Insight

Dear parents,

What a wonderful week we had at Little Einsteins! As the weather is getting warmer and warmer we made sure we drank lots of water and wear a hat when we are outside. We are so excited to celebrate our first themed family day on Sat. Hope to see you all wearing your beautiful traditional clothes!

Small group

This week in Maths we counted (with one-to-one correspondence) more than 10 objects and figured out how many was the last number. We accomplished this skill with the help of our pipe cleaners and colourful beads.

Felix- " Do you think Hazel will be able to count up to a hundred? I will teacher her when I get home".

Zemel- "Teacher this beads are

beautiful. I will buy for my mommy!"

We completed two art projects this week. We also learned how to recycle old art paintings .Please make sure you check them out when you drop by.

Pepe- " This green is so beautiful! How did you make it Maraki?"

Small group plans:

Mon: Library

Tue- Fun with zoo-phonics and sight words

Wed: exploring numbers with cereals

Thu: Lightbox

Fri: Science ( Exploring leaves)


  • Please make sure to send the Library books every Monday.

Have a great weekend!


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