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Preschool Class

Dear parents,

We had a nice week in preschool class. Our spring break is one week away; it’s is going to be from 19th of March to 23rd.

Large group,

We are happy to say the children are taking more responsibilities in large group time. We have started taking turns in doing the attendance and writing our sentences (by drawing). This week we focused on tracing and making our hands feel relaxed and comfortable while holding a marker and practice tracing. We had a great time helping each other, it was also nice to see some children asking for their friends help in doing this large group tasks.

Small group,

Our class gets excited for small group activities. This week we talked about body parts for Science, explored with shapes in Math, share stories in Journal time, practice our Zoo Phonics in Literacy and read different books in Library. Science activity was our favourite we mainly talked about the outer part of our body parts. Discussed the name of each of our body parts, what each does, and how everyone is different form one another. The children were very happy to notice all our friends’ hair, noise, eyes, and eyries look so different from each other. For next week we are going to continue our science activity and do further investigation on our body parts.

Next week plans,

Monday- Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Tuesday- Math (Exploring with shapes)

Wednesday- Journals (Sharing stories)

Thursday- Science (Exploring with body parts)

Friday – Library (Reading books and choose one to take home)


Tuesday- Music (Cooperative games)

Thursday- Art (Individual work)


As you may have noticed the weather here fluctuates a lot during the day between hot and cold, we ask that you send your child with layers that they can take off and put on accordingly!

Thursday is our Art day, please make sure child wear their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities might get messy.

Friday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Preschool Team

Negede, Liya and Eyerus

Negede (+251 911 968 881)

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